The Majority of Covid Deaths Are The Fully Vaccinated

A frightening report, having in mind how the world urges people to get vaccinated, and there are no excuses!

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You’ve probably already heard about Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

“ADE can arise in several different ways but the best-known is dubbed the ‘Trojan Horse Pathway’. This occurs when non-neutralizing antibodies generated by past infection or vaccination fail to shut down the pathogen upon re-exposure.

Instead, they act as a gateway by allowing the virus to gain entry and replicate in cells that are usually off-limits (typically immune cells, like macrophages). That, in turn, can lead to wider dissemination of illness, and over-reactive immune responses that cause more severe illness.”

Barry Bloom, MD, Ph.D., of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, explained a bit more about ADE:

“The cause of ADE is having antibodies to a virus that don’t neutralize it. That enables the virus to be gobbled up by cells that have receptors for antibodies, but not the virus. That’s the way of getting the virus into cells that it ordinarily would not infect,”.

ADE can also occur when neutralizing antibodies (which bind the virus and stop it from causing an infection) are present at low enough levels that they don’t protect against infection. Instead, they can form immune complexes with viral particles, which in turn leads to worse illness.

In 2016, a dengue virus vaccine was designed to protect against all four serotypes of the virus. The hope was that by inducing immune responses to all four serotypes at once, the vaccine could circumvent the issues related to ADE following disease with dengue virus. The vaccine was given to children in the Philippines. However, fourteen vaccinated children died after encountering dengue virus in the community as they had developed antibody responses that were not capable of neutralizing the natural virus circulating in the community.

In previous clinical trials of vaccine candidates to combat SARS and MERS, the studies each failed during the animal phase due to ADE also known as pathogenic priming or a cytokine storm.

Phase three clinical trials are designed to uncover frequent or severe side effects before a vaccine is approved for use, including ADE.

But herein lies the problem, none of the Covid-19 vaccines have completed phase three clinical trials.

The Pfizer phase three trial is not due to complete until April 6th, 2023.

“This means that the current worldwide Covid vaccine roll-out can be described as the largest human experiment ever conducted in history. Anybody who takes this vaccine, which is only temporarily authorized for emergency use is essentially a lab rat taking part in a trial.

We are learning the effects of these new “vaccines” that allegedly combat Covid-19 in the real world, not a single person has any idea what the long-term consequences may be. But we do know some of the short-term consequences.

According to the MHRA Yellow Card reports as of the 9th June 2021 there have been 949,287 adverse reactions reported alongside 1,332 deaths. However, only 1% – 10% of adverse reactions are reported and the MHRA state that 1 in every 142 people are suffering an adverse reaction. But in reality, the actual rate could be as high as anywhere between 1 in every 14 people or 2 in every 3 people.

The adverse reactions suffered are not just things like a sore arm, or a headache. They include things like blindness, seizure, paralysis, brain damage, and stroke, and now we may be seeing evidence of antibody dependant enhancement courtesy of the latest data published by Public Health England on variants of concern in England.”


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