The Legal Team for Babbit Claims to Have “Evidence” that Michael Byrd “Ambushed Ashli Without Warning”

The Capitol Police were very, very wrong if they assumed the Ashli Babbitt case would just go away on its own.

In fact, as the family tries to strike back, things are just getting started to heat up.

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The Babbit family is preparing to sue the federal government for wrongful death. Terry Roberts, a lawyer, is leading the charge.

Lt. Michael Byrd, the police who shot unarmed Ashlsi, has been identified, and a debate has erupted regarding whether or not Babbitt was warned before the cop fired his weapon.

According to the Western Journal, Mr. Byrd is on paid leave and has not returned to work since the event. According to them, investigative writer Paul Sperry revealed that Byrd’s attorney, Mark Schamel, claims that his client delivered a warning and that he “did so loudly and clearly.”

“’Stay back!’ he screamed. Keep your distance! Please don’t enter!” According to Sperry’s investigation, Schamel said.

The question is whether the words “Stay back!” are effective. Keep your distance! Does yelling, “Don’t come in here!” at a large crowd serve as a “warning” to anyone that a lethal shot is about to be fired into the throng?

Byrd’s lawyer said that his client was operating in accordance with his training. “If the circumstance puts you or others in danger of bodily harm, lethal force is appropriate,” Schamel stated.

“There should be a training film on how he handled that situation,” his attorney added. What he did was incredible bravery.”

Thank you, Lord.

According to the article, Babbit’s attorney stated, “It’s not arguable.” There was no prior notice.”

“What he did was an ambush, in my opinion. He’s not a decent officer, in my opinion. “I believe he is rash,” Roberts stated.

Yes, firing indiscriminately into a crowd is extremely dangerous.

Roberts told Sperry that he had multiple witnesses who were with Babbitt, and one of them said she didn’t hear the police deliver “any kind of warning.”

One thing is certain: none of this material will be included in Pelosi’s phony committee hearings on January 6th.

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