The Leftist Media “Clownbook ” Exposed Along With Hunter’s Laptop From Hell

Obvious and highly predictable, but let’s lure into the list of suspicious people, that played along the Bidens throughout this entire shananigan scenario.

And let’s hear what Dan Bngino has to say about the scenario – that was repeated for so many times before! By that same mainstream media.

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Dan Bongino: You know, it’s striking to me. You guys catch here the similarities between the lab leak story and the Hunter Biden laptop story?

Rachel: Yes

Dan Bongino: These? Yeah, I knew. See, Rachel were like, we have an ESP connect at ESPN. I don’t do Disney products anymore. But I’m telling you, they think about this, right? So you have a story that would be damaging to the leftist political narrative, right? A set of so-called experts work as intermediaries to squash the story. They feed it to a bunch of tier-one level clowns in the media that do no reporting at all and haplessly repeated. The story damages Donald Trump Wash, rinse, repeat, right?

This, this right here – has to be stopped!

Let me point more specifically to what I;m talking about.

“In April, you know, we get these emails in April 2020. Just so you know, Vanity Fair, this stuff is new, but we have this stuff in April 2020.

There were emails out there indicating the lab leak was the most likely hypothesis, right? A bunch of experts, Daszak and his group, get together and say, Hey, even though the evidence is overwhelming that a lab that studies Coronaviruses in an area of China that had a Coronavirus outbreak that had would have had cell phone data around the area indicating they may have shut down the lab because of some type of accident afterwards. We got to shut that down. The gullible media, because Donald Trump had said it was probably a lab leak from China, then picks up the expert’s stuff uses fact-checkers to squash anyone who speaks the truth.

Tell me how this exact same thing didn’t happen with the Hunter Biden’s story. A laptop shows up signed by Hunter. Wait, do I have? Yes, I do. I keep it handy. It drives Jesse Watters crazy. But here’s the Hunter Biden receipt signed by Hunter Biden. Billed to Hunter Biden with Hunter Biden’s address and Hunter Biden’s phone number on the thing. A group of “experts” like the Daszak crew. This time its intelligence experts jumps in and says that’s not real. The dopey clown media goes yeah, that’s not real. Scooby and they write the story, and it magically goes away, hurting Donald Trump. The exact same story twice.”

Even people online are reacting to the same point!

“Does anyone else find it suspicious Hunter “left” his laptop at a computer repair shop?”

“Addicts do many things that make you question them. However, with that and Ashley Biden leaving her diary behind for someone else to find tends to make you think they may have been leaving bread crumbs.”

“Same playbook. Over and over. At least predictable.”

“It’s not a clown media just making an Oopsie. It’s the propaganda press emotional terrorism network very intentionally sabotaging this country working for who?”

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