The Latest Book Exposed Bush Family’s Ties To China!

Peter Schweizer’s latest book called Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win exposed the Bush ties to China. 

The book emphasized that the Bush family is somehow linked to China. 

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George H.W. Bush’s brother Prescott Bush had a golf club in China, while George H.W. Bush was the President, one among few approved by the Chinese government. 

Breitbart reported: 

Before he became president, the Bush family benefitted from a relationship with Jiang during his tenure as mayor of Shanghai, now China’s largest city. In 1989, as the elder President Bush settled into the presidency, his brother Prescott “closed a deal to build a golf club in Shanghai for foreign business executives” shortly before an official visit from his brother, Schweizer wrote. “It was one of the few golf courses in China that received government approvals required for construction.”

“The mayor of Shanghai during negotiations for the golf course, Jiang Zemin, became a Bush family friend who later became the premier of China,” Schweizer noted. Prescott had been forging business ties in the country since his brother became vice president under Ronald Reagan. At the time, the Cold War had taken up almost the entirety of America’s foreign policy conversation, with China a distant, at best, concern.

Regardless of Bush’s presidency, his Brother Neil Bush got in touch with a Chinese company called Grace Semiconductor manufacturing. 

Breitbart added: 

“During the George W. Bush presidency, a new generation of Bushes began securing deals with Chinese officials,” Schweizer writes in his book. “Neil Bush, brother of the president, signed a contract with a Chinese company called Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing. Bush had no background in computing, but the firm paid him $400,000 a year.”

In the pandemic, the Bush foundation sent two million masks to China, while the USA faced masks shortages! 



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