The Last Piece of The Puzzle Which Proves The Bush Family Knows Everything

With the Bushes, we’ve reached the end of our rope. They’re now taking millions of dollars from our geopolitical foes, the Communist Chinese. This is reprehensible.

The money, of course, leads all the way back to George W. Bush and his family of treasonous liars.

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They’re also “proud” of their betrayal.

Why should they not be? They’re most likely major figures in the “Great Reset.”

According to a report on Saturday, the George H.W. Bush Foundation for US-China Relations agreed to take $5 million from a group with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and China’s foreign propaganda activities. The Bush China Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by Neil Bush, a brother of former President George W. Bush and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Its mission, according to its website, is to foster a “constructive partnership” between the United States and China.

However, according to a signed agreement obtained by Axios, the Bush China Foundation committed in 2019 to accept $5 million from the China-United States Exchange Foundation over a five-year period, an entity that has been characterized as a significant aspect of China’s worldwide propaganda efforts. CUSEF portrays itself as a non-profit organization. However, the right-wing Jamestown Foundation claims that it is really a front for the Chinese Communist Party. The chairman of CUSEF is also the vice-chairman of another organization, which describes itself as a “patriotic united front organization of the Chinese people led by the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Bushes are pleased of their collaboration with the Red Chinese. According to Axios, a spokesman for the Bush China Foundation, Leslie Reagan, said, “We are proud of our cooperation with CUSEF and very appreciative of CUSEF’s tremendous support.” “The Bush China Foundation has taken a very strong independent stance on practically every significant topic in the US-China relationship, and we have frequently levied scathing criticism of Chinese policies and behavior when we believe it is warranted.” Oh, and it was well worth about $5 million.



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