The Internet is Ablaze With a Bizarre Photo of Joe Biden’s Ear

Joe Biden always seems to be doing something “abnormal.”

Joe Biden is a limitless seam of mishaps and cringeworthy moments, whether it’s one of his stupid incoherent speeches, creepily touching children, or his doing or doing something to offend or disgrace the country.

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But, aside from that, I’ve noticed a lot of speculation about Joe himself, particularly in regards to his images and videos.

There are many individuals who are wary of Joe Biden, and with good reason in some ways. Let’s face it, whether the media likes it or not, Biden’s cognitive abilities are deteriorating as the day progresses.

However, one conspiracy theory that I’ve seen a lot is that many believe the “genuine” Joe Biden has been dead for years and that this “Joe Biden” is a fake.
To be honest, that’s a little much for me.

Unfortunately, this Joe Biden is the same vile Joe Biden who has been in politics for the past 47 years.

Has he undergone any plastic surgery to make him look younger?


On his face, you can see the scarring from a facelift. This isn’t surprising, nor is it unusual for a public figure to have work done in order to appear “younger”… especially when they’re Joe Biden’s age, frailty, and terrible appearance.

However, anytime a “suspicious” photo surfaces, these imposter hypotheses have stirred a lot of discussion.

And it’s because of this that I’ve decided to tell you about the next story. It’s yet another strange photo of Joe Biden, shot by a Getty Images photographer, and yes, it’s true. I had a look at it.

The shot appears to be from New York City’s 9/11 memorial service.

It shows Joe Biden ripping his mask down and “laughing” in front of a multitude of people, which is strange given such a solemn occasion, but that’s beside the point.

His ear is what has everyone’s attention.

Take a look at this:


Clearly, that isn’t “natural.”

This is a screenshot from the Getty app store, demonstrating that the image is genuine:


What exactly is the square “tab”? Well, I don’t know – but as a graphic designer who uses photoshop on a daily basis, I’m guessing it was a shoddy photoshop job by the Getty photography team, who was possibly “cleaning up” the image for whatever reason before putting it up for sale.

If a tool in Photoshop isn’t used properly when modifying a photo, it will create “strange shapes,” so that’s my best estimate.

I can also see the classic photoshop “smudgy” lines around the square that that tool leaves when I zoom in close.

However, the majority of individuals do not believe this.

Here’s what the majority of people are saying about the photo on the internet:

“That’s Joe Biden’s mask. Are you all catching on yet?”

“It looks like healing from a facelift. It healed badly on his ear.”

“Looks like prosthetics”

“Too many facelifts? Scar tissue tugging his ear.”

“There’s no if’s. Do you not see the part of the mask literally off the ear and the outline of the make trying to be covered with makeup?”

“The ear is a dead giveaway of a facelift.”

“It helps when removing the silicon mask.”

“It’s makeup tape to pull your face taught and hide the wrinkles. Just a sloppy job of placing the tape.”

“He’s had two surgeries for aneurysms. It’s rarely talked about but those could be the surgery scars.”

“Joe has been dead for three years. That’s just the access tab for the Disney Imagineers to do maintenance on their best animatronic to date.”

Look, I believe there are a lot of strange things going on with Joe and this administration, but “facial masks” and animatronic puppets aren’t among them.

If that was the case, why was there no “square” skin-thingy on Joe’s head in multiple additional images and videos from that day taken from the same angle?

Did it just vanish?

Critics will argue that the complacent press “photoshopped” all other photos of him to “remove the tabs.”

That’s fine, although amateur footage shot that day by citizens, many of whom dislike him, does not reveal the “skin tab,” so, once again, I apologize, but that makes no sense.

Also, I have to believe that if Joe was truly an animatronic Disney puppet wearing a silicon mask, someone would have programmed him to occasionally utter a coherent statement.

Again, I’ve been doing graphic design for years, and I can assure you that there are tools in Photoshop editing that will cause that same error, and it’s occurred to me many times whether I’m editing a photo or making a meme…

Most of the time, we see these things, but if you’re trying to get a pool shot out for “sale,” you can miss them.


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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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