The Immense Damage Of COVID Jabs: The Most Detailed Proof Yet

The COVID jabs are the ‘most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history’ said Dr. Peter McCullough.

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Millions in the entire world are injected with countless copies of a gene that instructs the body to produce a toxic protein might not seem very sensible.

The entire approach and agenda behind the COVID shots is anti-human!

“Last Friday the most detailed evidence yet of the damage the vaccine can do was presented at an online symposium on COVID science organized by Doctors for COVID Ethics. This is an international group that has long opposed the mass rollout of the COVID jab, arguing in particular that the immune system may attack our own tissues when it detects the presence of the spike protein,” Life Site News reported.

“Thousands of deaths have been reported in the wake of the jab, but regulators claim most of these are coincidental and have neglected detailed investigation of whether or not the vaccine was responsible.

Exactly that kind of investigation was carried out by German pathologist Professor Dr. Arne Burkhardt, who has 40 years of experience in the field. He examined the tissues and organs of 15 patients where a post-mortem had been performed, an exceptional opportunity that came about because the bodies were in institutes of legal medicine and institutes of pathology.

There were seven men and eight women, aged between 28 and 95. They died between seven days and six months post-injection.

In essence, Burkhardt found internal damage in most of the deceased, caused by a self-destruct process in which immune cells – lymphocytes – had invaded different parts of the body.”

In five of the 15 cases, it was concluded that the correlation with the vaccination was very probable; in seven, it was probable; and in two cases it was not clear, but possible. “In one case we did not find any of these changes of any significance,” Burkhardt said.

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