The Horrifying Vax Side Effects and Deaths the Media Continues To Ignore

While vaccine deaths explode around the country and the entire world, the mainstream media continues to ignore the millions that have been injured and the deaths caused by the COVID deadly jab.

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Luckily, alternative media continues to be on the rise of viewability among Americans and the entire population of the world is starting to turn over to more alternative media sources, rather than what their country and government offers as “special promoted selection”.

Here’s the latest eye-opening story from the unique Stew Peters and his always entertaining guests.

“In October 2021, 47-year-old Jeff Jackson received his second injection of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. He received the injection on his left shoulder, and within the first few minutes of the vaccine entering his system, he complained of soreness. Shortly after the soreness was accommodated by a developing rash, to which the nurse responded, “a rash and soreness is normal”. Later that night, itching bumps began to develop on his scalp, hands, and wrists, as his skin grew dry and irritated. Just two days later on the way to work, Jackson felt the need to reroute to the E.R., as the itching became worse and he developed more startling rashes across his body. At the E.R., the attending doctor never examined him, with the doctor stating it was a rash, dismissing the case, never returning to assess Jackson. He was prescribed steroids as the itching and breakouts proceeded to envelop his body.

By the end of November, Jackson was in complete agony as over 90% of his body was covered in this ravenous “rash”. “I have chunks of skin falling off of me; I’m bleeding, there’s places on my scalp that are bleeding,” exclaimed Jackson as he promptly displayed the redness of his skin. After some biopsies were conducted, they revealed that Jackson has a rare eczema variant called Lichenoid dermatitis with currently no known cure. “If I got the shot, and all of a sudden, two hours later I’m getting Lichenoid dermatitis – if it’s not a coincidence – something is wrong,” says Jackson in addressing how many fled to defend the vaccine as he shared about his injuries. “You see people rushing to defend the shots” Stew stated, “you’re a victim of the misinformation that’s being pushed and perpetuated by this lying and complicit media.” While Jackson attempts to live life with his body in progressive pain, he tries to “keep a good sense of humor; I tell people I look like Deadpool.”

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