The Hillary “Attention Picture”: She’s Got Exactly What She Was Looking For On New Year’s!

Attention is what Hillary has been forever aiming on. And mostly this time, when she posted a “New Year greeting” showing off with her pre-30 years looks, hoping for those young days to come back, announcing she still has it.

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The entire story behind the picture is the rumor that both Harris and former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton are in talks of joining forces.

They’re literally taking advantage of Biden’s insanity and the weak spot of the GOP.

Which is why Hillary has been extremely loud and active in the last few months.

“Making her run on several liberal outlets, she discussed losing to former President Donald Trump and what would have been if she had won. Hoping to bring in the New Year in style and maybe score some popularity points, Hillary brought in the New Year with a tweet that left some laughing. She wrote, “Looking ahead to 2022. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and fabulous New Year.”

Users online couldn’t help but have a little fun with the Democrat still stuck in 2016.

One user wrote, “I’m wishing for a 2022 of happiness, health, and fabulousness as well. And for you and your husband to finally receive the justice you deserve. I think I speak for many of us. Happy New Year.”

Another one added, “The 1992 ghost of Killary’s past wishes you a happy 2022. But, only to you saps that voted for this demon. The rest of you are on a list.”

And completely destroying her, one noted, “Hillary hasn’t looked like this since 1722.”

“Tweets from 1975.”

“15+-year-old photo “

“Looking forward to 2022 with an image of me from 1999.”

How old is this picture?? 25 years?”

“Ummmm…more like looking ahead to 1973. Americans are looking forward to Republicans taking the House and Senate.”

“Still thinks she’s living in the 1990s.”

“You belong in prison, you piece of trash.”

“Looks like someone’s been messing with the Flux Capacitor.”

“This is how everyone looks in a movie right before they order a hit on somebody.”

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