The Grand Jury Investigation Leads Right To “The Big Guy”

“This story is the juiciest story we’ve ever had.”

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Despite all of Joe Biden’s blunders during the 2020 election, he was still able to “secure” it. This is due to the huge amount of support that Biden received from the mainstream media. Before Biden, news outlets like CNN hounded the Trump administration and ran with every theory they had, no matter the evidence behind it.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was one of the most damaging pieces of evidence against the Biden campaign. The sexual, illicit, and financial records offered an insider’s view into the family.

But it was instantly determined to be untrue. At least until Biden entered the White House, the laptop has now been confirmed, and legal ramifications may be headed for Hunter and the White House, according to Fox News’ Jesse Watters.

In the video featured below, Watters noted, “The federal investigation into the President’s son and the President’s brother is heating up. Not only are sources telling prime time that the first son Hunter Biden is on the verge of being indicted, but it looks like the US Attorney in Delaware could be looking at President Joe Biden himself. Yesterday during a grand jury testimony over Hunter’s finances, a witness was asked to identify the big guy. This came after an email from Hunter’s business partner was put into the record. The email showed a breakdown of the China deal. And who was going to get a piece of the pie saying quote, ’10 held by H for the big guy.’ Who’s the big guy? Well, a bunch of emails on Hunter’s laptops suggest the big guy was Joe Biden, and Tony Bobulinski said it straight up.”

The former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, admitted in the video above, “Then has ‘10% for the big guy held by H.’ I 1,000% sit here and know that the big guy is referencing Joe Biden. That’s crystal clear to me because I lived it. I met with the former vice president person multiple times.”

In a separate segment, Watters continued to show the pressure mounting on the Biden family. “CBS News just reported that the President’s brother took a $17 million wire from the Communist Chinese. I’m gonna look at this objectively. All right, this story has international intrigue. It has Chinese spies. It has diamonds. It has prostitutes. It has impeachment. Okay, big tech conspiracy. It has crack at the Chateau Marmont. It has strippers. It has the President’s brother. It has Obama’s team worried. I mean, this story is the juiciest story we’ve ever had.”

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