The Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Has A Change Of Mind About 2020 Election

Trump detractor and skeptic of election fraud When it comes to the shady/sham 2020 election, Brad Raffensperger has had a sudden change of heart.

Raffenssperger is Georgia’s anti-Trump RINO Secretary of State, who has spent the last six months or so bragging about how “just and fair” the 2020 election was, and how Trump was “lying” to his followers when he suggested there was fraud…

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Now that real FRAUD has been found in his state, Raffenssperger is singing a different tune.

Raffenspreger has suddenly become a champion of “free and fair” elections, urging that the ballot dropbox transfer documentation in Fulton County be investigated.

According to Big League Politics, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is finally changing his tune as the findings of the state audit are exposed, particularly in relation to Fulton County’s huge fraud center.

“It will be impossible to restore faith in our elections as long as Fulton County’s elections leadership continues to fail Fulton County and Georgia voters. In a tweet, he said, “They need new leadership to rise up and take responsibility.”

“New disclosures that Fulton County is unable to furnish all vote drop box transfer documentation will be properly scrutinized, as we have done with other counties that have broken Georgia statutes and laws involving drop boxes. “We can’t keep going like this,” Raffensperger remarked.

Here are some of his most recent tweets:

This individual is a horrible liar and traitor.

When it mattered most, he battled and defended the farce, falsehoods, and coverup, and now, when it doesn’t, he’s out there beating his fists and demanding “transparency.”

It’s all a ruse.

He was in on it from the beginning, and all of this is just additional bravado to hide the biggest crime of all…

Although, I’d bet my life that Brad is shivering in his RINO boots as more and more of this deception comes to light.



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