The Gay Community Is Asked To Express Their Opinions On Biden – And They Don’t Hold Themselves One Bit!

Things look SO BAD for mumbling Joe. Despite his many efforts of woke supporting of the Gay and Trans society – he can’t even turn to their side for support.

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Two reporters asked the Gay society in University Park, Texas about Biden and his ruling.

The answers were pretty straightforward (but not in a good way for Joe).

First off, folks either “hate” Joe and his cruddy policies, or they think he’s got oatmeal for brains and is being controlled by others.

Despite the politics and ‘efforts’ from the Dems side – their ‘chosen candidate’ is their own demise.

No sane American would want to vote for a mumbling old man who doesn’t;t know where he’s at, what’s going on. And a man nobody runs straight to, to shake his hand or ask for an opinion.

Remember how it was back in the Trump days?

So, while it’s surprising to see how American people have abandoned Biden and the Dems, it’s not “shocking” when you really break it all down.

And when these reporters went into the gay community, a Dem stronghold, and asked “Trump or Biden” their responses were unanimous.

What would be your statement after watching this hilarious video?

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