The Fully Vaccinated Will Face Disaster! C-19 Vaccines Cause Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome!

The latest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report numbers on C-19 cases show that the vaccinated population from 40-70 years has lost 40% of the immune system capability. The immune system is weakening by 5% per week. If this trend continues, 30-50 years old people will have 100% immune system degradation and will remain without viral defense until Christmas.

The tables that you will see below have summarized the Vaccine Surveillance Report every four weeks. They show the progressive damage that vaccines cause to the immune system. People from 40-69 lost 40% of the immune system capability, losing 3.3% every week.

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UKSHA replaced PHE with the UK’s ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock announcing in August 2020 that the government, Create a new body, bringing together the at-scale operational response capability of NHS Test and Trace, the joint biosecurity center’s intelligence and analytical ability, and the public health science and health protection expertise of Public Health England into an organization focused wholly on protecting people from external threats to this country’s health.”

The new UKSHA moved on to the work of PHE in emphasizing the number of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by vaccination status.

The number of deaths is significantly increased among the fully vaccinated population, which shows how ineffective the vaccines are.

Pfizer stated that the coronavirus mRNA injection is 95% effective. But, with the latest numbers, we can freely say it is a lie.

Now, thanks to a wealth of data published by the new UK Health Security Agency, we are able to use the same calculation that was used to calculate 95% effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine, to calculate the real-world effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines, and the data, unfortunately, paints an extremely concerning picture.

The UKSHA continued to report the weekly numbers in the Vaccine Surveillance reports, but they don’t publish the numbers in the bi-weekly Variants of concerns. It is harder to keep track of the total number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by vaccination status.

However, now that several weeks of ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ reports have been published, we can see a much clearer picture of the effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections and the number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths over the past few months without having to use data that overlaps into other reports.

To analyze the situation we used there reported:

The week 37 Vaccine surveillance report has the number of coronavirus status from week 33 to week 36 2021. And the actual vaccine effectiveness in this period can be read in the table below.

Only one month later, and this happened.

The week 41 Vaccine Surveillance report included the number of C-19 cases by vaccination status from week 37 to 40. And this is the result:

It makes the latest vaccine surveillance report terrible to read. The 45-week report shows the number of cases by vaccination status from week 41 to 44. And these are the results:

What’s concerning here is that two more age groups have surpassed the minus-100% barrier, with the 50-59 age group falling to minus-116% and the 60-69 age group falling to minus-120%. But what is perhaps more concerning is that the effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections has continued to decline in the 40-49 age group after already surpassing the minus-100% barrier in the previous month.

The effectiveness of the C-19 jab in persons older than 80 has increased to -9%. It coincides with the booster shot to this age. But, it isn’t worth anything if there are adverse effects in this age group.

The chart above tracks the actual effectiveness of the vaccines in each group in the past three months, and there is a decline seen in all age groups from 33-66 weeks to 41-44 weeks.

But the turn of the year, the vaccines will have adverse effects in all age groups.

Well, here’s what it means in terms of Covid-19 cases –

The chart tells you the number of C-19 cases in England in the past three months, sorted by vaccination status. ‘’

Between week 33-36 and week, 37-40 Covid-19 cases declined overall, falling from 101,867 to 60,479 in the unvaccinated; a reduction of 41,388, but falling from 288,470 to 287,527 in the fully vaccinated; a reduction of just 943.’’

This chart tells the number of coronavirus cases by vaccination status in the past three months together with the projected numbers of cases until the end of 2021. These numbers were made in the summer when the virus was under control so that the number may be worse.

Here’s what that means in terms of hospitalizations –

This chart shows the number of coronavirus hospitalizations in England in three months by vaccination status. From week 33-36 and week 37-40, C-19 hospitalizations declined in the population.

‘’ But yet again, where things get both exciting and concerning is the difference between week 37-40 and week 41-44. That’s because the number of hospitalizations among the unvaccinated increased from 1,842 hospitalizations to 3,313 hospitalizations, but the number of hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated increased by 113%, from 3,034 to a worrying 6,461.

What’s also interesting to note here is that hospitalizations among the unvaccinated in weeks 41-44 were still lower than those seen in weeks 33-36, whereas hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated in weeks 41-44 were much higher. Then those seen in week 33-36.’’ The daily expose reported.

This chart shows the number of coronavirus hospitalizations by vaccination status in the three months and the projected numbers of hospitalizations by the end of 2021.

‘’ Hospitalisations among the unvaccinated population are projected to rise to a cumulative total of approximately 21,000 by the end of the year. Therefore, over the next two months, a further 12,500 Covid-19 hospitalizations may be seen among the unvaccinated population.

But the projection shows that the fully vaccinated are going to be a much bigger burden on the NHS this winter, with a projected cumulative total of approximately 43,000 hospitalizations by the end of the year, meaning a further 29,200 hospitalizations may be seen among the fully vaccinated population over the next two months. ‘’ the expose reported.

The chart above shows the numbers of coronavirus deaths in England in the past three months by vaccination status.

It is very interesting that the cases and hospitalizations declined in the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated population from week 33-36, and in week 37-40, there was a decline in deaths in the same time frame in the unvaccinated, and the same number in the vaccinated population increased.

The data tell us that the fully vaccinated population has 241% times more to die if hospitalized than the unvaccinated.

Vaccine effectiveness of +50 means that the fully jabbed people are 50% more protected than the unvaccinated. Contrary to this, -50 means that the vaccinated are 50% less protected from the virus than the unvaccinated. And, vaccine effectiveness of 0% means that the fully vaccinated have the same protection as the unvaccinated population. They are unprotected.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-181-1024x288.png

‘’However, this calculation was based on the exact calculation used by Pfizer to demonstrate that their vaccine had alleged effectiveness of 95%.

  • U = No. of Cases among the unvaccinated
  • V = No. of Cases among the fully vaccinated
  • U – V / U = Vaccine Effectiveness

However, in order to calculate the immune system performance, we need to perform a slightly different calculation that divides the answer to U – V by the largest of the number of cases among either the unvaccinated or fully vaccinated.

Therefore, the calculation for positive immune system performance is –

  • U – V / U

Whilst the calculation for negative immune system performance is –

  • U – V / V

The following table shows the monthly decline in the immune systems of the vaccinated population against the unvaccinated – What this shows is that the fully vaccinated 30–39-year-olds have seen the largest drop in immune system performance over the past three months, with a 40% decline between week 33-36 and week 37-40, and a 13% decline between week 37-40 and week 41-44. This equates to an average monthly decline of -26.5% and means that in less than three months, fully vaccinated 30-39-year-olds could be facing total immune system failure.’’ The daily expose explained.

The booster shots have the same effects as the vaccines because the trials need forever to be approved for something different. We told you above that if you get the booster shot, you will get a faster progressive form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Pfizer stated that the vaccines were 95% effective. However, the figures above show that what Pfizer reported was correct at the beginning of the vaccination.

What we reported shows that the vaccines don’t lose efficiency over time, but they damage the immune system until negative efficiency is realized.

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