The Final Warning To Humanity – Dr. Mike Yeadon

YIKES! This headline gave me the chills. And when I read that is given by Doctor Yeadon, the former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer for the past 16 years, I was even more urged and interested to continue my read…

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In his latest interview posted online, Dr. Yeadon emphasized the point that the government of the entire world has been lying to the people of planet Earth through the entire so-called “COVID crisis.”

“Don’t say you weren’t warned because I’ve been warning people as long as I can and as hard as I can, that you can still right now take your normal society back and take it back tomorrow,” Dr. Yeadon stated.

According to the original report by the Daily Expose, who originally covered the story,

“Throughout the video, Dr. Yeadon explained that government policy – even before the start of the Covid pandemic – turned decades of understanding of how to protect people from infectious diseases on its head, citing lockdowns as a key example of this.

“You need to be symptomatic in order to be infectious but what we do we quarantine the sick, we’ve always done that.

“We’ve quarantined the sick because that’s how you avoid infecting the wider population. So, the idea of quarantining the well with these so-called lockdowns is a new invention, and it has no foundations whatsoever either in science or in the history of controlling epidemics.”

Dr. Yeadon continued by stating that mass testing of the population was not introduced to track cases of Coronavirus but to induce fear to control the masses. He also stated that asymptomatic cases defy common sense as there’s no history of viruses like this until the year 2020.

“It’s a strong evolutionary advantage for us to be highly aware of whether or not someone represented a threat to us, and the fact that we are very good at that I think should tell you that they are reliable guides as to whether someone is a threat to you. So if they’re not symptomatic, they’re not going to infect with you the flu.”

Furthermore, Dr. Yeadon explained that Covid-19 does pose a threat to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, but is not a risk to those who are younger, fit, and healthy. To the younger demographic, he says, Covid-19 is less of a threat than influenza.

Dr. Yeadon highlights that despite this, governments around the world continue to order the masses to run away and hide in their homes, being forced into unnecessary lockdowns and having to submit to tyrannical restrictions.

At the end of the video, Dr. Yeadon concludes by stating that he is sincere about his words and would not lie, as he is receiving “absolutely nothing except criticism and social isolation” from his peers.

“I’m warning you that governments around the world, and certainly yours locally, are lying to you in various ways that are easy for you to establish.”

You can watch the video with his interview right here:

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