The FDA Approved the Wrong Vaccine, According to the Inventor of the mRNA Vaccine

In an interview with Steve Bannon, Dr. Robert Malone, the alleged developer of mRNA vaccines, stated that the mainstream media is lying about the Pfizer vaccine obtaining FDA approval. According to him, the FDA released two independent and unique letters indicating that the Pfizer injection is still under emergency-use authorisation and that a BioNtech product called ‘Comirnaty,’ which is identical to the Pfizer gene therapy vaccination, had full FDA approval. Because multiple cardio-toxicity studies have yet to be completed, this new shot, Comirnaty, is yet to be made and will not be available for several years.

According to the letter, the Pfizer vaccine does not have emergency use permission for children under the age of 16. The Pfizer vaccine, according to Dr. Malone, is entirely protected from liability for any damage, whereas the BioNtech product is not. “Once again, the mainstream media has lied to you,” Dr. Malone added. I’m sorry to break it to you, I know that’s a shock, but the product that’s licensed is the BioNtech product, which is substantially similar but not identical, and it’s called Comirnaty…” Following this, the FDA stopped relying on outside advisory groups and public input before approving a product -GEG

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Bannon, Steve: Greetings, Dr. Malone. I’m a straightforward individual. Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer When you look at the letters the way you did, these two letters have actually allowed the use of a vaccine, and I want to get back to what you said about the data, there is really no data. Is that vaccine available right now? If I want to walk down to the doctor today and receive a vaccine, I can really get the one that has this type of dodgy, murky FDA approval. Is that, to the best of your knowledge, available right now, sir?

Robert Malone, M.D. : It isn’t available in any way. So, the minor ruse here is that they’ve sent out two distinct letters for two different vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine, which is still available, is still authorized for emergency use and includes the liability shield. The mainstream media has deceived you yet again. Sorry, I know it’s a shock to this audience, but the product that’s being licensed is the BioNtech product, which is very similar but not identical. It’s called Comirnaty, and I believe it’s pronounced that way. It’s not currently accessible.

The liability waiver will no longer apply to it because they haven’t started manufacturing or labeled it. So the one that is legitimately licensed isn’t yet available, and when it is, it won’t come with the liability shield. In the meanwhile, the Pfizer product has the liability shield, and that’s what’s currently available. It’s still under emergency use permission, so nothing has changed.

The press simply hasn’t done its homework and figured out what’s going on.

Bannon, Steve: That’s OK, but geniuses like you are why we have them. I just want to make sure the audience understands a few things. In this whole process, the CCP virus, we’re trying to be fair to the FDA. Is it correct that the FDA’s emergency use authorisation for Pfizer does not allow it to be used for minors under the age of 16?

Dr. Robert Malone: That’s right.

Bannon, Steve: Okay, this is the overall blanket approval for the second one, for BioNTech or whatever it’s called, the one that hasn’t been completed yet. Does that mean that a full FDA authorization will not be granted until at least 2023 or 2024, when these further investigations are completed?

Robert Malone, M.D. : That’s how I interpreted it. That appears to be how it is worded. And, in terms of time lines, I just wanted to return to that. The BLA acknowledges that the license for the BioNTech product is included in the statement. Here’s how it’s said: With a five-year follow-up, BLA admits long-term cardiac problems, which is comparable with the lower range of long-term follow-up for gene therapy products. It looks that hammering them with the fact that they haven’t used the gene therapy checklist has worked, and they are now, without realizing it, beginning to use the requirements that are used for gene therapy goods.

Bannon, Steve: But once this is in place, the FDA would have to revisit the situation and give an emergency use authorization for the second one for minors. That’s correct, that’s plainly not done right now, isn’t it?

Robert Malone, M.D. : I believe they will issue an emergency use authorization for the pediatric population, which will keep Pfizer indemnified because complete indemnity is something Pfizer has been seeking in all of their worldwide relationships with other governments. They won’t sell you vaccine unless you agree to relinquish culpability, such as if you’re a government head of state or anything similar.

And, you know, that begs the question of what they’re so afraid of. Why does Pfizer believe it needs liability protection if these vaccines are completely safe?


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