The End is Near for CNN’s Brian Stelter, Things are NOT Looking Good For His Show

Brian Stelter of CNN is on the verge of losing his job.

It’s taken a long time, but his constant pandering and whining has finally caught up with him, and his viewership is plummeting.

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I mean, colossal…

This follows his sickening attempt to curry favor with the Biden administration by essentially “begging” Jen Psaki for advice on how to better align his show with White House talking points.

What a brazen thief.

But take a look at these figures. Stelter has lost 72% of his audience… Is it even possible to accomplish that and stay on the air at the same time?

The Daily Wire has the story.

For the 11th week in a row, the latest episode of Stelter’s show failed to reach 1 million viewers. On Sunday, only 752,000 people watched Stelter criticize the media, which is usually largely focused on the more lucrative Fox News. This is down from a peak of 2.7 million views during the Capitol violence on January 6.

Since the breach resurrected CNN’s declining popularity, its ratings have gradually declined.

In February, 1.3 million people watched Stelter, followed by 1.02 million in March, 917,000 in April, and 836,000 in May.

When measured by audience members who fall within advertisers’ most wanted demographic, the 25-to-54-year-old watcher, Stelter’s stats appear much worse. Only 129,000 people from the cash-rich group tuned in.

The ratings flop cannot be attributed to a lack of interest in media coverage. The Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz,” which features former CNN host Howie Kurtz, airs in the same time slot as Stelter’s “Reliable Sources,” which involves Stelter delivering analysis on the status of the media. FNC’s media-focused broadcast drew 1.1 million viewers, including 185,000 in the crucial television demographic.

Man, there’s a part of you that truly feels sorry for Brian…

But then you recall what an unlikable, pretentious lackey he is, and you feel less guilty and more relieved to watch him burn in commie flames.



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Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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