The Effectiveness of the Vaccine is Fading in 95 Percent of Severe COVID Patients, According to an Israeli Hospital Director

These percentages appear to be far too high for something called a vaccination.

The “experts” have said numerous times that the “vaccine” is “safe and effective.”

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Sivan, an Israeli reporter: Hello, Dr. Kobi Haviv, head of Jerusalem’s Herzog Hospital.

Dr. Kobi Haviv: Good morning, Sivan.

Sivan:: I understand that the majority of the patients, even the “serious” ones, have been vaccinated.

Dr. Haviv (in Hebrew): Exactly, it’s a natural occurrence. The majority of elderly persons have been immunized. The majority of the population is vaccinated, and “fully vaccinated” people account for 85-90 percent of hospitalizations. Unfortunately, the vaccine’s effectiveness is fading, as they say. Infection outbreaks in hospitals, where a single patient infects a large number of individuals, are not uncommon. And, as previously stated, the vaccine’s effectiveness is rapidly diminishing.

Many individuals are skeptical about the COVID “vaccines'” usefulness and safety.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about it…

“So is it the variant or it’s the vaccine that they are sick from.Logic depicts that in their body there are the compounds from the vaccine. Yes? & if you want to prove to me it’s the variant SARS-COV2, please isolate the genetic material from these people & tell me what u found”

“But I thought if everyone is vaccinated this shouldn’t be happening??”

“No way… it’s like we’ve been saying all along.”

“That next main piece from the CDC will be the effectiveness is fading, need them there boosters…. every 6 months.”

“Meanwhile, our government is feeding us a bunch of crap. To shut us down again. I don’t believe a single word this administration is telling nor do I trust the CDC.”

“Because it’s not a vaccine. Gene therapies are not vaccine. To be a vaccine it must be able to fight an infection. Gene therapies do not fight infections. They do hurt the heart and reproductive organs, though.”

“Defeats the ‘logic’ behind mandatory vaccinations, if there ever was any to start with.”

“3rd vaccine coming, then another and another AND another…”


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