The DIE-OFF of The Dark Winter Begins, With Mass Vaccine Deaths Colliding With Planned Famine and The Gas and Energy Supply Collapsing

Mass vaccination genocide, engineered food supply collapse (leading to mass starvation), financial sector disruptions, and an accelerating supply collapse of energy (gasoline, natural gas) needed to heat homes, make fertilizer, and power transportation are all vectors of attack against human beings in the so-called Dark Winter.

We’re also watching in horror as this increasing collapse affects shipping and delivery companies (such as FedEx), which are on the verge of stopping significant services owing to a shortage of qualified staff.

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Meanwhile, more than 70 container ships are stacked outside the Los Angeles port, while criminal governors like Newsom purposefully exacerbate supply line bottlenecks by implementing irrational covid lockdowns that deprive ports of urgently needed personnel.

The traitors in authority are squeezing all of the infrastructural chokepoints that keep people alive.

If they succeed, America (and other nations) will be soon plunged into third-world circumstances of mass starvation, destitution, homelessness, violence, and despair. Have you noticed how quickly everything is coming together?

This is all on purpose, and it’s becoming faster by the day.
You’ve undoubtedly already noticed the fast-expanding supermarket shortages across North America. Grocers, school districts, and food manufacturers that traditionally order big volumes of food supplies are having their delivery times slashed by up to 50%. In other words, the food supply has already shrunk by roughly half at the commercial level. This is only now starting to make its way into the food retail sector, where merchants are feverishly trying to fill empty shelves with something — anything — just to avoid seeming out of stock.

America is gradually transforming into Venezuela under Biden and the covid rulers. This isn’t an accident. Many Americans, however, remain in denial, believing that things will just “get back to normal” if enough people receive lethal spike protein injections.

Joe Biden stated today that 98 percent of Americans must be vaccinated before we can return to normal. It’s clear that they’re planning to enforce vaccine mandates under duress in order to meet their 98 percent target, at which time they’ll blame the remaining 2% for all of the 98 percent’s post-vaccine ailments and deaths.

Remember when the target was only 70%? Remember how we were assured that if we could get the majority of people vaccinated, we would be protected? That, too, has been tossed out the window, along with the concept of natural immunity, which has been labeled a “dangerous doctrine” by the crazed left-wing media.

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Of fact, each booster shot is designed to kill another 25% of your immune system’s reaction capacity (white blood cells, mostly). Listen to how the boosters are designed to annihilate your immune reaction, as explained by this nurse:

This winter, all of the factors are conspiring to cause a global extinction.
If the anti-human globalists succeed in carrying out their schemes, millions of Americans will die in the next six months alone. Ivermectin, food preparation, self-reliance, and other potential defenses against this onslaught exist, so share the word about these vital facts to help save lives.

With far too many sheeple still complying with vaccine mandates and mask requirements, globalists have now demonstrated that killing 90 percent of humanity is really simple. The majority of people have no back-up food supplies, no back-up water storage, no ability to grow their own food, no means of self-defense, and no back-up transportation.

Because the majority are entirely naive to even the most fundamental survival skills, globalists shutting off food, fuel, power, and banking transactions for just 90 days will certainly result in a massive die-off — potentially 70% of the population or more. As you can see, the food supply is currently being cut off. China’s power grid is being turned off. In the United Kingdom, fuel supplies are running out. Hospitals are crumbling to the point where National Guard troops are being dispatched to replace healthcare employees who refused to be injected. (Watch this video on the We Are Change website.)

Due to these hospital staffing shortages, the state of New York is poised to declare a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, in China, the Evergrande Ponzi fraud is spreading like a virus to other property developers, and non-China bondholders have already been told they would never be paid what they are promised. The financial industry will be the first to be affected. This is far more significant than Lehman Brothers. It’s a lot bigger than the subprime housing bubble burst of 2008.

Where does this lead civilization for the next several months when you combine these designed layers of collapse: food, energy, money, medicine, and so on? Into the abyss we go. Expect a cataclysmic extinction. Actually, it’s already started, with the left-wing media now admitting that all-cause death is up in 2 states.

When millions of people have died, how will they try to justify it?

More answers and discussion are provided in today’s Situation Update podcast, as well as a key message (at the start) about how to make your own food grow system that does not require electricity.

The connection to that system, which is based on the Hawaii “Kratky” paper, can be found here:


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