The Details On Biden’s $2 trillion Infrastructure Plan

At least, what we can say, we’ve got some transparency here.

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Let’s hope the next thing they get is to ask the citizens before making some major decisions like paying increased road taxes…

According to what officials stated, Joe Biden will travel to Pittsburgh to present his “American Jobs Plan,” the other name for his infrastructure proposal worth nearly $2 trillion. The plan will not be covering only the physical infrastructure, but climate changes policies, as well as racial inequity.

“The plan is expected to include 20,000 miles of rebuilt roads, repairs made to 10,000 bridges, and items like replacing lead pipes from the water supply lines.”

And as Jen Psaki revealed, it will be financed by raising taxes…

According to a CNN report, “$621 billion will go to transportation. The report breaks down the costs, which include $115 billion for highways and roads, $20 billion for road safety, and $85 billion for mass transit systems. An entire $80 billion will apparently be spent on the “Acela corridor” – the Amtrak system that runs from DC to Boston. $25 billion will go to airports.”

And some resttructurings are also involved in Biden’s plan.

“Currently, only two percent of the vehicles on America’s roads are electric. Under Biden’s plan, $174 billion will go to subsidizing electric vehicle purchases and building 500,000 electric charging stations. “

“$213 billion would renovate and retrofit more than 2 million homes and housing units. It will also go towards building and retrofitting 500,000 homes for low and middle-income earners.”

“$180 billion will be spent on “climate science,” and “eliminating racial and gender inequities” in research and development and STEM.”

“Another $111 million would go to water infrastructure, including replacing all lead pipes and service lines in the country.”

“$100 billion would go to building new public schools and upgrading existing buildings.”

$10 billion will be spent for something called the “Civilian Climate Corps.”

At least we have some transparency for the money he prepares to collect from all of us in these crazy harsh times…


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