The Conservative Purge Continues: Chase Bank Notifies Gen. Michael Flynn That His Accounts Will Be Closed and His Credit Cards Will Be Cancelled, Citing “Reputational Risk” in Continuing to Allow the Decorated Veteran Access to His Accounts

JP Morgan Chase has once again utilized its enormous institutional clout to carry out the radical left’s will against conservatives and dissenters.

Retired US General Michael Flynn’s personal accounts and credit cards will be closed by Chase Bank by the middle of next month.

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From the start of Trump’s presidency, the well-respected and distinguished combat veteran has been a target of the deep state and big tech. He had already been removed from popular social media networks like Twitter and dragged through the swamp in the Russian collusion fantasy, but that wasn’t enough to quiet him.

The sellouts at JP Morgan were conjured up by the Deep State swamp to send a message to them and impair his finances.

On Sunday morning, General Flynn posted a photo of the letter he received from Chase to his Telegram channel. It informs him that his cards will be revoked by the middle of next month, and any other accounts he may have would be closed as well, because “continuing to do business with a military hero who supports Trump would be harmful to their reputation,” according to Chase.


General Flynn is the latest prominent free thinker to be barred from doing business with Chase Bank. Laura Loomer and US Army Combat Veteran Joe “Rambo” Biggs, both popular conservative speakers, have been booted out in the cause of social justice.
Because they share their political views, law-abiding and tax-paying residents in the United States are losing access to crucial services, and Congress is nowhere to be found.

This type of tyranny is common in Communist countries, but it should not be tolerated in the United States.

Because the feds aren’t actually performing the deed, our elected officials sit on their hands and do nothing…. but it doesn’t make the situation any better than what happens in a Communist hellhole just because you delegate the dirty work to transnational businesses.

Finally, JP Morgan Chase is led by anti-American leftists who believe conservatives are too “bigoted” to do business with. They don’t deserve to conduct business with anyone but the radical Marxists they keep appeasing.

They’ve made their decision… It’s time to rally behind these patriots and make their cause our own.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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