The Clintons’ Reign May be Coming to An End… This Time It’s For Real…

It’s been a long time coming, but might this be the moment when the Clintons’ criminals are finally brought to justice?
I’m not sure how this will play out, but I can tell you this: what just transpired in court is our finest chance yet to bring the Clintons down.
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So, what exactly is going on, you might wonder?
It has something to do with Ghislaine Maxwell…
and it’s actually quite significant.

Do you recall Ghislaine battling tooth and nail to keep those records sealed? Her lawyers claimed that they were so “salacious” that they would “shake the globe” to its core.


Many people believe that those documents, which the Clintons have been desperately attempting to keep sealed, may eventually tie Bill Clinton in the Epstein pedo-ring — and the really terrible news for the Clintons is that a court has just ordered those files to be unsealed.

People, this is some juicy stuff…

Judge Loretta Preska ruled on Thursday that information involving Maxwell’s private affairs should be unsealed within the next two weeks, according to Conservative Brief. The judge argued that releasing the records, which have been sought by the press for a long time, would not jeopardize Maxwell’s right to a fair trial, as her defenders contended.

Maxwell’s legal efforts to thwart requests for her financial information from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who sued Maxwell for defamation, will be among the documents made public within two weeks, according to the Daily Mail.

According to court filings, Giuffre’s lawyers ordered that Maxwell disclose a slew of documents, including “money received from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation.”

The judge ordered that the records connected to Giuffre’s request for email accounts that Maxwell had kept concealed from the court be made public as well.

Obviously, we don’t know if Bill Clinton will be implicated in these records, but it’s long been assumed that they’ll be the “smoking gun” against him, which is why Ghislaine, his good friend and rumored former “lover,” and her staff have pushed so hard to keep them secret.

That fight is now finished, and over the next few weeks, that information will be made public.

Fingers crossed, Clinton’s reign of terror is coming to an end.



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