The Clinton Foundation Has Been Exposed, and Donations Have Dried up Since Hillary’s Demise

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine joined Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about the Clinton Foundation and how donations have dropped since Hillary lost the 2016 election.

Is it possible that it has something to do with paying them for political clout… If you’re willing to pay to play, that’s OK.

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Tucker Carlson is a sinister character. Middle Eastern theocracies used to give the Clinton Foundation a lot of money. We were told that the goal was not to buy access, but to alleviate global issues such as obesity in the third world and HIV in Africa. From 2014 through 2016, the foundation received about $130 million in annual contributions. Then something strange happened, especially for such a powerful NGO as the Clinton Foundation. Money was no longer being given. And they stopped giving around the same time as Hillary Clinton’s political career came to a halt after she lost the presidential race.

In 2017, contributions to the Clinton Foundation fell to $22 million, and contributions in 2018 and 2019 are even lower. So, what went wrong? In the third world, did they manage to treat obesity? Is it true that there are no more aids in Uganda? What exactly is going on?

Miranda Devine writes for the New York Post as a columnist. And he’s one of the sharpest guys we’ve ever met. She joins us to explain what’s going on. As a result, Miranda I’ve been happy and soothed by the fact that Chelsea Clinton is working to cure obesity in the third world while I sleep, but it appears that they don’t have the funds to do it. What went wrong?

Miranda Devine: I’m Miranda Devine. Isn’t it something to behold? Anybody who claims that their donations dropped off a cliff when Hillary Clinton lost the election is lying. But, look, they’re still going strong. Tucker, they recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. So I believe the foundation has discovered a new way of doing things, which is to serve as a vehicle for Chelsea Clinton’s future political ambitions. As a result, she’s been rescuing elephants and instructing children. She enlisted Lady Gaga’s assistance in informing children that masks are required.

They’ve also been busy encouraging needy countries in the Third World that they should get Chinese vaccines. They’re assisting them in achieving that goal. They’re in luck. Bill Clinton has also made appearances from time to time; he recently appeared alongside Kamala Harris at a Clinton Foundation event on the theme of empowering women. As a result, he’s come a long way.

So, despite their dire circumstances, the Clinton Foundation is working hard on it, but you don’t hear much about it, which may change because remember John Durham and the Durham report?

When he finally delivers his report, there may be something fascinating regarding the Clinton Foundation because, as you may recall, he broadened his probe to include the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation last year, which found nothing suspicious. But perhaps John Durham has discovered something new, and the Clinton Foundation will once again make the front pages.

Carlson, Tucker: I’m in a hurry because I haven’t seen the public opinion polling. Is there a hidden surge of support in the United States for Chelsea Clinton’s presidency at some point in the future? Do you have any idea?

Miranda Devine: Well, look, I’m not sure there is one right now, but she’s just doing some background stuff. She’s doing some groundwork, if you will, in order to polish up her reputation. She’s got a high-paying position at a big corporation, and she’s had a makeover, so I think it’s early days for her, but give her a few years.

Carlson, Tucker: I’m talking about fifty. It’s lovely to see you tonight, Miranda Devine. Thank you a lot.

Miranda Devine: I’m Miranda Devine. Tucker, I appreciate it.

The internet users strike once more, calling it like they see it…

African kids: We are starving. We need food.

Clintons: You are obviously overweight and obese. Send us money.

“It’s astounding that the Clinton crime family has never been prosecuted for their multitude of crimes against humanity. They all belong in prison for the rest of their miserable lives.”

“Tucker should probably hurry up with a PSA that he doesn’t intend on clinton-ing himself”

“Tucker forgot to make one thing crystal clear: he is not depressed or suicidal.”

“A foundation that to date spent more on ‘administration’ than anything else.”

“Funniest part in this is the look on Tucker’s face during the Devine briefing. You can see how he’s struggling to not crack up when she mentions the “important” work Chelsea is doing, and when Bill’s “empowering of women” is mentioned. Priceless!”

“The Clinton Body Bag Network is a well oiled machine.”

They spent the donation money ion Chelsey’s wedding. People realized that the money never went to the Haitians. Haitians are still waiting for the money they were supposed to get to rebuild from the hurricane.

“Perhaps Chelsea Clinton could partner with Hunter Biden – they share near equal meritorious qualifications. And both are the progeny of similar moral and ethical parenting.”

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