The Child Actor For Kamala Harris NASA Video Burned The Whole Thing In The End!

Such a “renowned” and “likable” woman – she actually quit her Presidential campaign before primary elections even started…

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and it’s no wonder if you knew the numbers.

Her final polling numbers in her home state of California the day before she quit: 7%

And the latest thing that leaked on social media shows that Kamala, was actually screening the whole “Nasa video” project, on which behalf she even audiences children for actors.

Trevor Bernardino: Hi, my name is Trevor, and I’m from Monterey, California.

The teens are actors who audition for their spots. Trevor Bernardino is a freshman at York school in Monterrey and a space enthusiast. He says he had to send in a monologue of him talking about something he’s passionate about. And three questions he would ask a world leader. In the next step, he had to interview the director of the production.

Trevor Bernardino: And then after that, like a week later, my agent called me. He’s like, hey, Trevor, you booked it.

From there. Trevor only knew he was going to Washington DC in August to interview someone.

Trevor Bernardino: Me, my mom, my dad, we were speculating who could be this important that we meet them in DC?


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