The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Permits Hospitals to Identify Vaccinated Patients Who Have Died as “Unvaccinated Deaths”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed a set of guidelines for classifying infectious diseases and deaths. These rules must be followed by hospitals and laboratories, and official covid-19 data must be reported using these rules. These criteria appear to have been meant to hide the number of covid cases among the vaccinated, as well as the number of deaths caused by the covid-19 vaccinations. These rules increase the number of covid cases among the unvaccinated while also allowing hospitals to identify vaccinated people who have died as “unvaccinated” deaths.

The CDC can continue to spread the false narrative because of this medical deception and pathological treachery.

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Untrustworthy CDC guidelines conceal hospital data, fooling the public.
For several weeks after receiving their first dose of covid-19 vaccine, an individual is still regarded as “unvaccinated.” They are formally registered as a “unvaccinated patient” if they test positive for covid-19 in the month following the injection. If the vaccine causes physical symptoms of disease (as was found in 50% of participants in clinical tests), the illness is classed as a healthy immunological response to the immunization or advertised as a lesser case of covid.

Vaccinated people are advised to accept this supposition as reality, despite the fact that there is no way to compare a vaccine damage to a hypothetical, nonexistent occurrence of sickness. It makes no difference how many drugs the patient requires to control their discomfort after becoming ill as a result of the immunization. It makes no difference how many times a vaccinated patient needs to see a doctor or go to the emergency room after getting vaccinated. The vaccinated patient is assured that these problems are far preferable to a possible covid infection.

A vaccinated patient is told to return in three to four weeks for a second dosage. They are not deemed “completely vaccinated” even after receiving the second dosage. If the patient has been twice immunized,

No one is considered “completely vaccinated” until 14 days have gone since the second injection of Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, or 14 days have passed from the first dosage of the Johnson & Johnson shot, according to the CDC’s standards. This guideline conveniently conceals 80 percent of deaths that occur as a result of vaccination by labeling them as “unvaccinated deaths.” This deceptive guideline inflates the number of unvaccinated deaths while concealing the true medical consequences of covid injections. Despite the fact that the vast majority of deaths occur during the first two weeks post vaccination, all of these deaths are labeled as “unvaccinated deaths.”

The CDC’s covid testing deception generates the appearance of outbreaks among the unvaccinated.
The CDC’s morbid distortion of mortality isn’t the only method for obscuring data and misleading the public. The CDC has created separate testing guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The CDC is pressuring numerous companies to penalize unvaccinated workers and students at work and in school by requiring them to undergo more frequent covid-19 test swabs and nasal probes. For the unvaccinated, CDC guidelines enable laboratories to utilize a cycle threshold (CT) of 40 or higher.

For the vaccinated, the CDC advises that laboratories use a CT of 28 or fewer. This inconsistency in testing guidelines reduces the likelihood of false positives for the vaccinated, but it continues to cause a pandemic of false positives in the unvaccinated, artificially inflating the number of cases.

The CDC pushes healthy persons to perform covid tests that are inaccurately calibrated, resulting in bogus outbreak reports. Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) only reports covid cases in the vaccinated if they occur 15 days after the second dose vaccine and result in hospitalization or death.

Only 6% of the recorded covid-19 deaths in 2020 were caused solely by the virus, indicating significant medical deception. In a hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, former CDC Director Robert Redfield blew the whistle. He claims that hospitals are given a “perverse economic incentive” to overstate unvaccinated covid mortality. As indicated by the near-eradication of hundreds of thousands of influenza cases in 2020, hundreds of common infections are still being recorded as covid-19. All of this medical fraud, coercion, and deception creates a bleak picture: the CDC is complicit in a VAX-everything agenda and is desperately attempting to hide it.



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