The CDC is Manipulating People’s Minds Once Again by Faking Death Toll Numbers From the COVID Vaccine

Corey Diggs expresses himself like follows:

Most people are fully aware that the CDC’s VAERS reporting system has lacked in reporting over the years, so it’s fairly safe to say that the death toll after receiving a Covid jab is under-documented to begin with. Furthermore, the CDC and HHS went above and beyond to document all death certificates into their database to escalate the number of people who died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid. Yet, they don’t seem to be documenting death certificates of those who died after receiving the Covid jab. The only “reporting” seems to be running through their VAERS system.

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That said, here is a perfect and yet very simple example of how the CDC manipulates numbers directly on their website, assuming that the average person isn’t going to bother to do the math. The mainstream news, whose so-called journalists also won’t do the math, then take the information and spin it out to meet their narrative, much in the way they recently did with the FDA’s bait-and-switch on the Pfizer Covid jab’s so-called approval.

The CDC is tampering with statistics yet again to further their purpose. According to Diggs,

The CDC reported that the death toll on the VAERS reporting system indicates 6,968 deaths as of August 18, 2021. Next to the death toll they point out that the 6,968 deaths amount to (0.0019%) “among people who received a Covid-19 vaccine.” This is a totally false statement. They are basing it on the number of jabs administered, when most people have already received BOTH jabs. They indicate that 363 million doses have been administered. The population of the U.S. is only 328.2 million, therefore millions of people have received two doses. They are using the 363 million “doses” to establish the 0.0019%, which is NOT “among people,” but rather “doses,” and ultimately reduces the percentage by nearly half. This is done for perception, because percentages have a greater impact on a person’s mind.

According to Diggs, the bigger story is about the CDC’s assertions about the vaccine’s effectiveness.

The CDC said on August 19, 2021 that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was 95 percent effective in clinical testing at preventing the Covid virus, and that mRNA vaccines are 90 percent effective in the real world. Despite this, the CDC published a research in July indicating that 74 percent of completely vaccinated patients infected with Covid in a Covid-infested area of Massachusetts tested positive for Covid. What are they going to do about the discrepancy? Here’s how it works: they’re willing to take a hit on the bogus efficacy in order to increase the panic surrounding the claimed Delta version in order to entice more people to test it.


They used the same deception with the numbers to pull off this scam. 
They reported that 469 persons tested positive for Covid, with 74% of them being properly vaccinated. 
That means 348 people were fully immunized and 121 people were not. 
Given that 469 people tested positive for Covid, one might expect them to be able to distinguish how many of those were the purported Delta variation, but instead, they merely say that “133 patients, 90 percent of specimens were the Delta variant,” which translates to 120 people. 
They’re attempting to instill in people the idea that 90 percent of the 469 victims tested positive for the supposed Delta virus.
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