The CDC And the Government Are Lying About the Covid Vaccine and Ivermectin

It’s been a long week. I’ve worked in the media for decades and have never encountered such lies, exaggeration, and downright deception. All with the goal of requiring everyone to be immunized. Why is this the case?

To begin, let’s look at the vaccination itself. The Israeli results show how much of a hoax, charade, and deception this is. The vaccine, according to the US government and the CDC, is our only hope of survival. People are being hospitalized and dying with Covid because they have not been immunized.

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Both arguments are blatantly false.

To begin, did you know that anyone who dies within 14 days after receiving a vaccine is deemed “unvaccinated”? It’s no surprise that they assert that everyone who dies is unvaccinated. They just declare you unvaccinated if you die from Covid, whether you were vaccinated or not.

If a private-sector businessman tried the con, they’d be sentenced to 20 years in prison for fraud. The CDC has also been utilizing Covid death statistics dating back to January to argue that the fatalities are virtually entirely due to unvaccinated people. Because practically everyone was unvaccinated earlier in the year, this is the case. This is referred to as “rigging the numbers.” The CDC must be working with the same Democrats who rigged and stole the last two elections.

Everything, however, changed. A major Covid epidemic has swept through vaccinated Israel today. Hospitals are overflowing. People are passing away. Israel, the world’s most vaccinated country, currently has more Covid infections per capita than any other country.

Covid is currently catching 0.2 percent of Israel’s total population per day.

Covid’s worst week in Israel ever happened this week. In the hospital, Israel is breaking records for the number of people who have been vaccinated. Deaths are on the rise.

It’s terrible, there’s no mask and no lockdown. Sweden has just imposed a travel restriction on Israel. Many countries in the European Union are following suit.

The vaccination isn’t just failing; it’s a complete disaster. It was short-lived. It is no longer functional. And, as my holistic medicine pals anticipated, it will exacerbate the following wave. Vaccinated people are significantly more contagious, have higher virus loads, and are more susceptible to serious illness than people who have “natural immunity.”

This vaccine trial with a “experimental, emergency use only” label is a colossal flop. A potentially fatal failure.

However, Biden, the CDC, and the American media are promoting the vaccine, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports harder than ever before. Why is this the case? Why is it so vital to force every American to get vaccinated now?

It isn’t simply Israel that is affected. The bulk of Covid deaths in the UK last month were due to vaccination. And today’s Covid death rate in the UK is far greater than it was a year ago, when there was no vaccine. Aside from that, the VAERS vaccine reporting system claims that the vaccine is responsible for a high risk of death and debilitating disabilities. So, in addition to dying and being terribly ill from Covid after receiving the vaccine, vaccinated Americans are dying and becoming severely ill from the vaccine.

And none of this has been reported in the media. There is a complete media blackout.

Worse yet, the same government, CDC, and media are frantically attempting to discredit and smear the substance.

Something isn’t right. Isn’t it clear that someone is concerned that you could recover from Covid?

WHY? is the question.

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