The Biggest Legal Mistake Babbitt’s Killer Did In His Interview, According To Jonathan Turley

Turley’s sharp lawyer’s eye caught this – and it surely its a revelation to us all!

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The man who shot and killed unarmed veteran Trump supporter, Ashley Babbitt, just came out of the shadows and gave an exclusive interview for NBC. After hiding like a coward for 8 months, he came out to the public eye, revealing “his side of the story”, how he saved numerous lives with his act (by shooting an unarmed woman?!), and he got promoted for that (also, because of leaving behind the Glock in the public bathroom – reachable for all?!). That says a lot about the Keystone Capitol Police department, right?

However, attorney and legal specialist Jonathan Turley found a huge “legal gap” in Michael Byrd’s statement.

“I have long expressed doubt over the Babbitt shooting, which directly contradicted standards on the use of lethal force by law enforcement. But what was breathtaking about Byrd’s interview was that he confirmed the worst suspicions about the shooting …”

“…Of all of the lines from Byrd, this one stands out: “I could not fully see her hands or what was in the backpack or what the intentions are.” So, Byrd admitted he did not see a weapon or an immediate threat from Babbitt beyond her trying to enter through the window…”

“…No other officers facing similar threats shot anyone in any other part of the Capitol, even those who were attacked by rioters armed with clubs or other objects. Under Byrd’s interpretation, hundreds of rioters could have been gunned down on Jan. 6.”

BOOYA! Game, set AAND match!


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