The Battle For Bio-Labs: Webb Says Nuland, Strzok Behind Secret Labs In Donbas

It’s true – the world is abattlefield of the rich and wealthy.

And the true war is not what we’re seeing on the MSM and Big Media.

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Ukrainian biolabs are being funded by the U.S., and former FBI agent Peter Strzok has now placed himself at the center of the bioweapon production scandal.

Expert and journalist George Webb was welcomed back to the Stew Peters Show Wednesday to discuss his Twitter exchange with the disgraced adulterer Agent Strzok over Ukraine and Hunter Biden relations, and the biolabs now in Russian control.

Webb went into detail about the deep history of the bioweapons, and which U.S. elites contributed to this devious operation.

Here’s more from the original and truth-savvy, Stew Peters.

“Last week, journalist George Webb joined us to talk about his independent investigative work into the Ukrainian biolabs that even our own government now admits are all over Ukraine. George says that the battle of Kiev that is unfolding right now is really just a battle over three biolabs, and he says that of all people, former FBI agent Peter Strzok is right at the center of a plot to develop bioweapons in the Ukraine. That allegation garnered a direct response from Peter Strzok on Twitter the other day, ridiculing the very idea.”


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