The Autopsy of Brian Laundrie’s Remains opens up More Questions, Instead Of Giving Answers

This twisted love story, which started off with a loving engagement road trip around the States, and ended up in both the sweethearts dead, is definitely a story to be put on paper, and maybe in the future, even on the big TV screens.

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The search for fugitive Brian Laundrie has come to an end following the discovery of his remains on Wednesday.

His fiancee, Gabby Petito, was found strangled to death in Wyoming on September 19, after Brian came back from the trip all by himself, claiming she has gone missing and he didn’t know where she was.

Gabby’s parents were suspicious and angry at Brian, their daughter’s fiancee, for refusing communication with them, and grieving for the love of his life, and explaining them the story to the tiniest detail. They didn’t buy the whole “disappearance saga”.

And neither did many of the readers, since this story and Brian’s manhunt were quite well-publicized.

And now, everyone’s just left with even more questions than when this whole thing began in the first place.

“The results of an autopsy of Laundrie’s remains, which were discovered in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park near his parent’s Florida home on Wednesday, have been deemed inconclusive.”

Brian was reported missing on September 17, after his parents decided to report the case because of not seeing him for 4 straight days, after he went hiking on September 13, leaving their house in the Jr. Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.

“All along, the Laundries have been suspected of helping their son evade law enforcement. The Petitos say they were “stonewalled” by Brian and his parents when they began to worry about Gabby’s whereabouts after her fiance returned to the Florida home they shared with the Laundries without her.

Although authorities had been combing the nature reserve for weeks, once it was finally re-opened to the public, Chris and Roberta informed law enforcement that they wanted to search by themselves.

Within hours of the couple’s arrival at the park, Brian’s belongings had been found next to human remains, which were later identified as his using dental records.

Bertolino claimed it was simple “happenstance” that his parents were there at the same time that his remains were found, but this hasn’t quelled suspicions in the least that the couple has been covering for their son.”

A source told CNN on Wednesday that the remains had been there for “a while.”

But, can you trust a “CNN source”?

Although the remains were identified Thursday, the cause of death is what appears to have left the medical examiner stumped.

Dr. Heather Walsh-Haney told WPBF-TV that forensic anthropologists are called upon when remains have been “ravaged” by the environment or soft tissue has been removed — “soft tissue markers that the forensic pathologist would use,” she said.

Florida archeologist Sara Ayers-Rigsby told WINK-TV that anthropologists will work with the medical examiner‘s office to identify “what kind of trauma might be associated with these remains.”

According to WINK, the FBI said that Laundrie’s remains had been underwater for weeks.

“On the one hand, you might encounter better preservation, right, because the material isn’t exposed to oxygen, so that can perhaps help,” Ayers-Rigsby said. She added that, on the other hand, water can deteriorate remains as well, as could alligators, which are indeed in residence at the nature reserve.

She also explained that the forensic anthropologists will examine the area around where the remains were found to determine what may have happened.


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