The Are ZERO Deaths Among Children From C-19! Why Are They Promoting The Vaccines???

Neither one healthy children from 5 to 18 has died of C-19 in the first 15 months of the pandemic in Germany concluded the latest study.

One German registry that started in March 2020 tells us that 1.5 million children in Germany were infected with Sars-Cov-2 from March 2020 and May 2021.

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Neither one child has died from this virus.

The probability of a healthy child requiring intensive care for the C-19 virus was about 1 in 50,000. This was concluded by the researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

For example, the odds of children who would need intensive care for C-19 were 1 in 8,000.

“Overall, the SARS-CoV-2-associated burden of a severe disease course or death in children and adolescents is low. This seems particularly the case for 5-11-year-old children without comorbidities,” the study shows.

Moreover, maybe neither one healthy child has died due to the C-19 virus, but 15 children aged 18, struggling with severe preexisting conditions, died of C-19 in the 15 months of the pandemic.

Alex Berenson, an ex-NYT journalist, said, “If you let your healthy child or teenager receive the mRNA Covid vaccine, you are insane.”

“Given the known risks of vaccine-induced myocarditis in young men, the fact that Pfizer tested its mRNA vaccines on barely 3,000 children 5-11 and followed most of them for only weeks after the second dose, the German data again raises the question of how health authorities can possibly justify encouraging children or teenagers to be vaccinated,” he wrote. “But they have.”

However, the CDC reported that more people have died due to C-19 vaccines compared to other vaccines in history.

Until November 29, 19.943 have died as a side effect of the mRNA vaccine in 2021, and 605 people died of the vaccines before the C-19.

VAERS reported that 1,782.451 struggled with side effects after getting the C-19 shot.


Many people got dosages from expired vials of the jabs.

The high death numbers and many people in critical conditions caused by the coronavirus vaccines don’t support the vaccine mandates worldwide.

This Monday, New York announced the vaccine mandates for children aged 5-11 and all adults to enter indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment. These individuals have to be fully vaccinated.

This tyrannical governing starts on December 27. The previous mandate ordered people to get at least one dose of the vaccine.

Bill De Blasio and Angela Merkel are ushering in sweeping vaccine mandates prior to leaving office. Austria is the first country worldwide to enforce the nationwide vaccine mandates for all the residents, starting from February 1.

The Deep State members force the vaccines to stop the spread of the virus, but it is wide-known that the shots can’t stop the virus from spreading.

The statistics show that 78% of the New York state residents are at least partly vaccinated. Still, NY experienced a surge in C-19 infections in the past week. Also, hospitals lack staff due to the incompliance of the vaccine mandates.

Approximately 67% of the population is vaccinated in Austria, and Germany broke the record for the highest daily C-19 cases last week.

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