The 2020 Election Bribery Scheme: Zuckerberg Running The Show

Zuck said he won’t interfere again. Will he face consequences?

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Before the metaverse – there were numerous fictions about artificial virtual reality. But in order to re-create what was already out there – an idea invented by many before him – he had to struggle with a lot of politics – in order to make a lot of money- and pave the way for Metaverse by opening many iron doors.

Most remember a few years ago when Zuckerberg had to give a testimony in front of Congress, but now he is the center of a documentary called “Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot To Defeat Donald Trump.” In the film, President of Citizens United, David Bossie, presented startling evidence showing how the tech giant spent close to $420 million in the 2020 election. It should be noted that not only did Zuckerberg give money to mostly Democratic districts, but in Wisconsin, 90% of the districts funded by the billionaire voted for Biden.

Discussing the mountain of evidence against Zuckerberg and his secret war with former President Donald Trump.

Take a look.

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