Thanks to Kansas Republicans , Dems Watch 2022 “Ballot Harvesting” Dreams Go Up in Fire

The Republican-controlled Kansas legislature just delivered a big victory for election fairness, sending Democrats and their “ballot harvesting” plans packing.

The HB2183 law is one of the most comprehensive election integrity bills in the nation, and it was vetoed by Democrat Governor Laura Kelly.

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The Republican legislature, though, swooped in and overrode her veto, and the incredible bill is now law.

It was incredible, and according to US News, Republicans overrode Kelly’s veto of an election bill that would make it more difficult for individuals and organizations to collect and distribute absentee ballots to voters.

House Bill 2183 is mostly concerned with mail-in voting. It restricts who is allowed to return a mail-in ballot on behalf of another person and allows returning more than 10 mail-in ballots a misdemeanor. The bill also prohibits the Secretary of State from extending mail-in voting deadlines and allows the signature on a mail ballot to match the signature on file with election officials, potentially resulting in votes being thrown out.

The bill also makes it illegal to backdate a ballot’s postmark and prohibits election offices from taking money from anybody other than the state to conduct elections.

The House voted 85-38, and the Senate voted 28-12.

Republicans claim they are avoiding fraud by the the number of people who handle absentee ballots, claiming that the more people who handle absentee ballots, the more likely they are to go missing or be tampered with. “It is not acceptable for someone to select and choose who gets their vote picked up and turned in,” Finch said.

This is a crushing blow to the left, and if we keep this up, we’ll be back on track in no time.


Individuals and corporations who had been paying more in state income taxes due to changes in federal tax laws at the end of 2017 received tax relief from Republican lawmakers. For the next three years, the initiative will save Kansas taxpayers $284 million.

This is how we win, and we need more of it as soon as possible in as many states as possible before 2022.


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