THANK YOU, Biden! ISIS Is Present In All Afghan Provinces!

Joe’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan helped the Taliban and got a windfall of arms and equipment that they displayed in a march through Kabul. It also empowered ISIS-K, which occupied almost every single one of Afghanistan’s provinces.

Just the News reported:

U.N. Special Representative Deborah Lyons, of Canada, made the assessment Wednesday before the U.N. Security Council and also said the Taliban’s response to Islamic State-Khorasan Province’s (ISIS-K) expansion appears to be heavily reliant upon killing suspected ISIS fighters.

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[…]”Once limited to a few provinces and the capital, ISKP now seems to be present in nearly all provinces, and increasingly active,” she said.

The group recently claimed responsibility for two explosions that killed at least one person and injured half a dozen others in a Shiite Muslim neighborhood in Kabul. The group has executed at least 334 attacks this year, compared to 60 in 2020.

While the Taliban once occupied small zones of Afghanistan and faced pushing US attacks, as when Trump dropped a MOAB on one of its tunnel complexes, they are now like cancer, spreading across the country. The Taliban can’t stem its growth despite utilizing brutal tactics to kill the ISIS-K members. They used house searches of suspected ISIS-K fighters, extrajudicial detentions, and the killing of ISIS suspects.

However, the Taliban can’t stem ISI-K’s growth. Now, ISIS has more territory, but they are also launching more attacks. In 2020 there were 60 ISIS-Kestrikes, and now they are increased. Only in 2021, so far, there were 334, and we have a month and a half left.

Lyons, in the report, noted that Afghanistan would have a lack of funds. They will need assistance to keep the Taliban secure in its power and stabilize the country.

Because of that, the US and other Western nations were reluctant to send more taxpayer dollars. But, China hasn’t shown such qualms and has provided hefty amounts of financial help to the Taliban.

The Taliban asked that the US and Western EU unfreeze Afghanistan’s financial assets. So, they have threatened to send a horde of migrants and refugees to the Western EU only if the funds aren’t released.

The West has closed all the reluctance to engage with the Taliban, but they may change their opinion. State Department Special Representative Thomas West talked to the press and said:

We want the Taliban to succeed against ISIS-K. When it comes to other groups, look, al Qaeda continues to have a presence in Afghanistan that we are very concerned about, and that is an issue of ongoing concern for us in our dialogue with the Taliban.

Maybe the changing attitude toward the brutal terrorist group signifies that the US will fund the Mujahedeen. Or, maybe the US will preserve its rule to fight ISIS.

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