Thank God For Gen. Michael Flynn – High GOP Members Tried To Silence Him!

The political investigation was a total sham!

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General Flynn is such a traditional American hero! He is not afraid to spill it all out. And doing that in this phase of our state at the moment is a truly dangerous thing! He explained how some very powerful GOP high-ranking members “slandered and charged the retired lieutenant general to get him out of the way, but the mindset of devious politicians and government officials on BOTH sides of the aisle who helped orchestrate it. A video of the full interview is below.”

Here’s the full report from Red State:

“as Founder of Revolver News Darren Beattie says to start the interview, mere days into General Flynn’s tenure as National Security Advisor, he was entrapped by a highly politicized government, that used the FBI and several high ranking officials to target him for political reasons.

Specifically, Beattie reads this to open the discussion:

“Nobody better understands the psychopathic nature of the modern left better than General Michael Flynn. Just days into his tenure as National Security Advisor, Flynn was entrapped by a hostile FBI that wanted him gone for political reasons. Shortly after, the Mueller investigation targeted him, and he spent the next three years battling a relentless effort to send him to prison. Even after DOJ prosecutors attempted to drop Flynn’s case, Judge Emmet Sullivan frantically tried to keep the case alive, even appointing a “friend of the court” to argue that Flynn was guilty of perjury for trying to withdraw his guilty plea. In the end, a pardon from President Trump was needed to finally end a case that should have never existed in the first place.

But through it all, Gen. Flynn was never defeated.”

When asked by Beattie what made the D.C. machine so terrified of him, General Flynn gave the following statement:

“Because the knowledge that I have, having grown up and having served at the highest levels of government…in uniform…both as a senior military intelligence officer for the Department of Defense and one of the largest intelligence agencies, not only in the United States but in the world.

Having worked at the Director of National Intelligence level office and here I was a guy that really understood where things operate within the government, how things operate within the government, deep, deep knowledge of many of the programs that we do, have and still are in play today that are totally unnecessary and are incredibly costly for our nation, both in terms of our moral authority as a country, and also in our fiscal responsibility to the American people.

So they knew that I had that level of knowledge and they knew that I was, literally, going to be at the right hand of the President of the United States as the national security advisor…so access to everything…to everything and knowledge of many of the things that I already knew were going on, and one of the things that we…that I would have discovered almost immediately, but certainly as we got going…was I would have discovered the clear violation of law where candidate Trump was being spied upon, as well as his team which meant me and others…that we were being spied upon without warrant, without cause, solely for political reasons to defeat, at that time, candidate Trump…and of course everyone knows what happened…He won overwhelmingly in 2016, and then for the next four years the “deep state” with all of the strength and power and authorities, of particularly the executive branch, but also elements of the technology world and the media world…then proceeded to bash Donald J. Trump about the head and shoulders and tried to do everything that they could to defeat him, and that…to get him out of office. To remove him from office as a duly elected president.

They had already gotten me out of the way and they did it pretty smartly. It was a very well, very well-orchestrated, planned maneuver. I will tell you …I will sit here today, and maybe it’s a little bit breaking, but I think I have said this in some public forums…that there were Republicans involved in this effort against me. Because many Republicans that are in the establishment, in terms of Washington D.C. also did not want me to have that kind of role with President Trump because I had a great relationship with him, still do and he’s a non-establishment guy. I am a non-establishment guy and I think that he [Trump] had some ideas about reform that we had spoken about and we would have probably initiated and so they had to get rid of me just as fast as they could.”

Watch the full interview:


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