Texas Horror Movie House Massacre- Only By a Frozen Pipe!

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However, according to a team of experts in the field, out of the total 45,000 megawatts of power that were offline, across the state, only about 30,000 consisted of thermal sources, such as coal, gas and nuclear plants, and only 16,000 came from so called “renewable sources”.

And just see what happened to poor citizens, getting their homes wrecked and none by their fold.

The Wall Street Journal did an actual report, in which the following was written

” Mr. Abbott blamed his state’s extensive power outages on generators freezing early Monday morning, noting “this includes the natural gas & coal generators.” But frigid temperatures and icy conditions have descended on most of the country. Why couldn’t Texas handle them while other states did?
The problem is Texas’s overreliance on wind power that has left the grid more vulnerable to bad weather. Half of wind turbines froze last week, causing wind’s share of electricity to plunge to 8% from 42%. Power prices in the wholesale market spiked, and grid regulators on Friday warned of rolling blackouts. Natural gas and coal generators ramped up to cover the supply gap but couldn’t meet the surging demand for electricity—which half of households rely on for heating—even as many families powered up their gas furnaces. Then some gas wells and pipelines froze.”

The conclusion of the report is that ” In short, there wasn’t sufficient baseload power from coal and nuclear to support the grid. Baseload power is needed to stabilize grid frequency amid changes in demand and supply. When there’s not enough baseload power, the grid gets unbalanced and power sources can fail. The more the grid relies on intermittent renewables like wind and solar, the more baseload power is needed to back them up.”

According to this statement and the video, there is someone to blame for this unwanted disaster…



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