Texas HHS Refuses Monoclonal Antibody Treatment For White People! MUST-WATCH

At the beginning of this year, the THHS approved the monoclonal antibody treatments to C_19 after the FDA EUA in February.

The state performed tens of thousands of monoclonal antibody treatments during the past few months, and recently, because of the supply shortage spurred by the Biden admin, the agency has started segregating who can receive the treatment and who cannot, based on the skin color.

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Not, the state allows the treatment for high-risk ethnicity groups and refuses to allow this treatment for white people positive to the C-19 virus.

The Texas HHS stated that if you are white, you have to be older than 65 to belong to the group that is allowed this method.

One example was caught on video. Infowars host Harrison Smith visited the Texas HHS clinic this Saturday, and he was denied monoclonal antibody treatment only because he was white.

Smith, who hosts the American journal on the Infowars network, shared on Twitter that he was denied the effective coronavirus treatment only because of his race, and he was told that if he were black or Hispanic, then he could get that treatment.

Take a look at the video below:

He shared the hospital’s phone number so the people could ask by themselves.

Dave Riely, an ex-republican candidate, asked and recorded the call with the agency. That video is shared online, and the HHS employee on the phone confirmed the policy.

Reily: “So if you are a healthy, in-shape, Caucasian, and you show up, you are not gonna get an infusion?”

HHS employee: “Based on the criteria that we go by right now, that is correct,” they confirmed.

“Blacks and Hispanics are high risk ethnicities.”

“So if a young, fit white guy shows up he’ll be denied service?”

“That is correct.”

— Harrison Hill Smith (@Harrison_of_TX) November 13, 2021

This type of division and discrimination is outrageous. We are talking about human lives. It would be normal if this had happened in China but in America. I mean…which world are we living in?

The infusion centers where the monoclonal antibody treatments are taking place are directly funded by the government of Texas, meaning that Governor Greg Abbott’s administration should be of the inexcusable policy.

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