Texas Doctor Suspended For Spreading “Dangerous Misinformation”, Advising Further Ivermectin Treatment

Houston Methodist health officials began investigating and suspended a Texas doctor last week for spreading “dangerous misinformation” about Covid-19.

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Are you already guessing what the fuss is all about?

YEP! It’s about advising patients to use Ivermectin instead!

Here’s more from NBC’s report.

“Houston Methodist launched an investigation into Bowden on Friday and suspended the ear, nose, and throat doctor for defying health authorities and exercising free speech. The hospital excoriated Bowden for “using her social media accounts to express her personal opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments.

Bowden repeatedly warned that it is “wrong” to mandate the experimental mRNA vaccines and continuously touted Ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment amid threats from public health officials against prescribing the drug.

In a resignation letter published on Twitter on Monday, Bowden doubled down on the efficacy of ivermectin.

The Nobel prize-winning, anti-parasitic drug, which has been deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases, is far safer than the potentially lethal, experimental Covid vaccines, the Texas doctor argued.”

“I have worked hard to provide early treatment for victims of COVID-19. My efforts have been successful. I have treated more than 200 COVID-19 patients, including many with co-morbidities, and none of these patients have required hospitalization. This is a testament to the success of my treatment methods,” she wrote. “Throughout this pandemic, there has been no FDA-approved treatment for COVID. Therefore I have done my best to care for patients and save lives in the absence of a clear scientific consensus.”

“Early treatment must still be part of any strategy for patient care. That is why physicians and hospitals should pay more attention to medications such as Ivermectin, which significant research and my clinical experience indicate is effective,” she continued. “I have decided to part ways with Houston Methodist because of the accusation that I have been spreading “dangerous information.” This is false and defamatory. I do not spread misinformation, and my opinions are supported by science. There is substantial evidence for the efficacy of ivermectin in treating COVID-19, and no evidence for serious or fatal side effects associated with the doses used to treat COVID-19.”

Just for the record, in 2020, approximately 420 people died after being vaccinated. In 2021, as mRNA BioNTech vaccines — which were never previously tested on humans–rolled out, the number of vaccine deaths precipitously spiked to 18,797 as of Nov. 5.


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