Texas Democrat That CNN Regarded As VOTING HERO –Arrested Due To Voter FRAUD!

CNN called this man a voting hero, and now he’s arrested for voter fraud! What IRONY!

Hervis Rogers is the man who once upon a time was called a VOTING HERO by CNN! He told the cable network he stood in line for six hours to wait for his turn to vote, only because it was his duty!

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Because of it, CNN called and regarded him as a hero, a veteran of the U.S. election, and his duty was to save the country, etc. Lies, lies, lies…

At this moment, he’s arrested for voter fraud! He’s a FELON and thus can’t vote. So, he thought he was doing his duty, but he was breaking the law in reality.

CNN, you are the worst in picking.

Montgomery County Police Reporter shared that Rogers said that he waited six hours to vote. Rogers stated for CNN: “I figured like it was my duty to vote. I wanted to get my vote in to voice my opinion. And I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. So I waited it out. ”

However, he was the last one who put a ballot in Houston. Rogers states he wasn’t upset and “the process could’ve been done better than that.” “But that wasn’t going to deter me from voting,”

Jackson Lee spoke for CNN and shared that ten machines had the site, and a couple more were added. Also, she said that the old machines weren’t reliable, and 30 more needed to manage the crowd.

On Wednesday, the Texas Attorney Generals Office at 4101 Almeda Genoa, Houston, arrested Rogers. He was charged in the Montgomery County 221st District Court on two counts of illegal voting.

Red Voice Media shared: ‘’In 1986 Hervis spent 4-years in prison for a robbery charge. Then in 1989, he was given 6-years for burglary of a building in Houston. Hervis was arrested in 1989 for burglary of a building. He was sentenced to 25-years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in September of 1995.
In July of 1995, he was charged with burglary of a vehicle and sentenced to 200 days in the Harris County Jail. In 2005 he was accused of prostitution in Harris County and sentenced to 10 days in the Harris County Jail.’

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office said the Texas Attorney General handles the case. So, now we are waiting for the results.

Wayne Dupree Red Voice Media

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