Terry McAuliffe Just Can’t Stop Spreading Misinformation About Kids and COVID 19!

With less than a week to the Virginia Governor’selection day, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe obviously wants to keep a tense situation, making a way for the Democratic vaccine mandates.

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Spreading lies and misinformation is punishable. However, each lie has its own, different weight. This guy is spreading lies that could seriously harm the health and future prosperity of the youngest and innocent Americans – the children.

McAuliffe appeared on WSLS-TV for an interview and unleashed a litany of lies and distortion about the hot button topic that it takes the informed citizen’s breath away.

“We just came out of a round table where we were talking about vaccinating versus not vaccinating. You had a number of medical professionals. What’s your takeaway from today’s discussion?” the ‘reporter’ asked.

“It was a little frightening to hear the conversation,” McAuliffe said. “Today in Virginia, we have 1,542 children in ICU beds somewhere throughout the Commonwealth, two children under the age of 11 died the other day. But the head of infectious diseases for the University of Virginia Medical Center was telling me we’re going to live with this for another two years, but he also said the most important thing everybody can do is get vaccinated and wear masks. And that’s a big difference in this race.”

“As you know, I want to require that every nurse, every doctor, every teacher, that they are vaccinated,” he said. “Every student who attends college needs to be vaccinated. And our children in elementary schools need to be wearing masks. My opponent says on day one, all masks come off, and no requirement for people to be vaccinated. I just think that’s life-threatening, it’s dangerous — as they all attested to today in this round table. You know, we’ve got to beat this Covid pandemic. That’s how we keep our schools open, we keep our economy strong.”

“Very good,” the ‘reporter’ responds after the spiel. “So would you — would you mandate mask-wearing as well as vaccinations?”


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