THEY ARE TERRIFIED: Bill Gates, the Supervisor of Maricopa County, Claims That the Leaked Chucri Tapes Are “ELECTIONS MISINFORMATION” that “Spreads Like Wildfire”

The recordings of Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri berating his colleagues for not supporting an audit and stating their audit was “pretty bogus” have gone viral after being posted by The Gateway Pundit.

Steve Chucri confesses in another tape that he and County Recorder Stephen Richer will never use Dominion Voting Systems again.

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Despite a few retweets, the Maricopa County Supervisors and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs have been unusually silent on Twitter, with only a few retweets and none of the customary attacks.

Today, Bill Gates issued a public plea for help, claiming that he has received “death threats” because “elections disinformation is spreading like wildfire.”

After his involvement in The Big Lie, why should we believe him?

Clint Hickman’s behavior was previously frowned upon by Steve Chucri, who said in another video, “don’t run for office then.”

When Gates refers to the leaked tape from his fellow Maricopa County Supervisor as “elections misinformation,” what exactly does he mean?

The genuine Steve Chucri was recorded claiming that the County’s audit was “bullsh*t,” that Jack Sellers and Bill Gates were afraid they had truly lost their election, that the fraud was multilayered with dead voters and ballot harvesting, and that Clint Hickman lied to him about the County’s audit.

Bill Gates is digging down on The County’s “bullsh*t” narrative, indicating that he has something to conceal.

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