Ted Wrote a Mighty 3-Sentence “Evil” Poem For Kamala – You Shouldn’t Miss This!

I would say this: Ted Cruz is battling the Democrats for all he has.

And, luckily, it isn’t the regular dopey “GOP” brawl, complete with meaningless soundbites and outrage tweets.

Cruz is out in the weeds, doing the work that the media should be doing.

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Ted Cruz is, without a doubt, the best investigative reporter on the border right now.

Cruz went to the border and shot video, as well as sharing details about what’s going on that we wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Our government-run propaganda press is standing on the sidelines with their thumbs up their butts, not saying anything about Biden’s “internet blackout.”

Meanwhile, all of these ostensibly “outraged” and “compassionate” reporters and Democrats, who were practically wailing about the “migrant crisis” when Trump was in office, are now shrugging their shoulders and remaining strangely silent as the situation on Biden’s border spirals out of control and beyond anything seen under Trump.

These two will teach you and me on how many people we should invite to a Fourth of July BBQ while cramming 1300 migrants into a room designed for 200.

What happened to all the COVID testing? Is anybody gone into depth about it?

What a “mega spreader” occurrence – and the majority of those involved are (trafficked) children.

Isn’t it incredible how political the left is?

Despite all of this confusion and the humanitarian circus, Biden and Kamala have confirmed that they have no plans to investigate the mess they’ve created.

They don’t, of course, because if they go down to the border, the press pool will accompany them, and we can’t have the American people knowing what’s *really* going on, can we?

Ted Cruz has a message for Kamala Harris that is three short sentences long – a kind of “poem,” if you will – and it says everything…

Here’s what Ted had to say about Kamala not going to the border, according to a recent report: “See no evil. Hear no evil. The winner? Evil.”

It couldn’t have been said any better, in my opinion.

Ted Cruz is doing his job correctly; he’s right in the middle of it, reporting on what’s going on at the border.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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