Ted Wheeler Declares WAR on Antifa and Tells Public to Identify Militants

Antifa forced Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to leave his home and sucker punched him in the chest. But he did nothing in response.

Ted Wheeler was an anti-fascist sympathizer also in the final days of Trump’s presidency. He was publicly insulted by similarities made between the Far Left and the Capitol Riots of January 6th. Antifa spent the summer of last year, after the death of George Floyd, sieging the Portland courthouse.

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Wheeler has been allowing Antifa riots in the city on a daily basis, but he’s had enough.

Ted Wheeler, the imprisoned mayor of Portland, has released a video statement that is basically a call to action for the general public. Wheeler says, “Let’s make them hurt a little bit.”

“I’ve declared a state of emergency that will last through the weekend.” It’s our responsibility to identify them, apprehend them, and convict them. I’d like to express my gratitude to the neighbors, relatives, colleagues, and others who have come forward with critical information. These offenders are well-known. They know exactly what they’re doing. Please contact the police if you have any information. Acting Chief Davis will include more details as soon as possible.

“I also want you to be aware that these individuals often arrive at their so-called direct acts in automobiles. They’re still all dressed in black. If you see anything like this, call the cops. If you can supply a license plate in a secure manner, that information will be useful later. We can make a difference if we work together. Today, we’re doing the best we can. I’m also seeking your assistance in taking a stand and reclaiming our city.”

The Mayor of Portland is sending out such a blunt and confrontational message. Following the Derek Chauvin trial, rioting has been a major source of concern.

In the last week alone, Antifa set fire to an Apple Store. One of Antifa’s members recently got violent with police officers during protests after the state of emergency was declared.


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