WATCH: Ted Nugent Issues a Warning to the Radical Left: ‘Tyrants Can Kiss My A**’

Ted Nugent has pretty much everyone beat when it comes to sheer patriotism.

He exudes the American spirit, and he’ll be the first to tell anyone who infringes on his liberties to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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And, as the far-reaching COVID vaccine mandates gain traction, Nugent has issued a statement to let Democrats know that he will not sit idly by and allow his freedoms to be trampled.

On Tucker Carlson’s broadcast, he said the following:

You can usually count on Nugent to criticize the government, and if you recall, he also had some harsh words for the vaccine in April 2021.

From the jaws of Blabbermouth

Ted Nugent has stated that he will not take the COVID-19 vaccine because the shots currently available in the United States have only been licensed on an emergency basis and are not yet fully certified.

Ted, like antivaccine advocates, talk show hosts, and far-right politicians, has highlighted the vaccines’ “experimental” origin a talking point. Ted spoke openly about his struggle with COVID-19 three months ago.

“I was questioned, ‘Are you vaccinated?’ Yes,” Ted responded in a YouTube webcast on July 26. (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “My name is Ted Nugent, and I’m a rocker. I am fully immunized and have received all of my immunizations. I’ve received all of my vaccines and haven’t had any unapproved guinea pig test shots. I’ve had all of the shots that qualify as vaccines, but I haven’t had any experimental shots and will not take any. Not only because I know it’s my right, but because I believe the Nuremberg trials [a series of military tribunals held after World War II to condemn Nazis of war crimes, including six million Jews and other minorities for medical trials] shown that no man, no Nazi, is above the law.


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