Ted Cruz Stunned Over Video of Russia Military Recruitment Ad Compared to “Woke” US Military

In case you didn’t remember, the leftists have infiltrated the US military and are attempting to overthrow it.

They’re treating the military the same way they treated our nation’s schools and many Christian churches.

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They’re infiltrating it with their woke political agenda, and conservatives, as normal, are afraid of being labeled “racist,” so they give in, and before you know it, your kids are saying the “pledge of allegiance to the gay pride flag.”

That is precisely what is currently occurring in our once proud and patriotic military.

It’s in the process of being “wokified.”

They don’t care about war or the enemy; all that matters to this new “woke” military is that you don’t misgender someone.

It is more important to use the correct pronouns than to defend our country from enemies.

This is exactly how you assassinate a nation from inside…

All of this is taking place as we sit back and wait, unsure of what to do to stop it.

In terms of the military, we need to educate ourselves about what they do – we can’t combat anything we don’t understand.

Bishop Garrison is the man in charge of reforming the military and purging some “MAGA” patriots. Biden has placed him in charge of completely overhauling the military, and he’s a radical communist nutjob.

I strongly advise you to read this article from Revolver. News. You will learn everything there is to know about Bishop and his military plans.

Meanwhile, watch this video that contrasts Russian military recruiting advertisements with the latest “woke” American one.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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