Ted Cruz Slashes The Media Blaming President Trump

Former President Donald Trump “broke the media,” Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

Cruz said that most media outlets were “political propagandists” who didn’t even “pretend to be neutral” during a Wednesday evening appearance on “Fox News Primetime.”

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“Senator, real fast, I want to get your opinion on The Washington Post clarification this week and really look at how the media is pushing this as well,” Bartiromo said, responding to a correction in which the Post reported that a damning quote — saying that he had directed a Georgia election official to “find the fraud” — had been wrongly attributed to Trump and widely circulated.

“I know, Senator, we have the tape, and it says nothing of the sort. And, of course, this is significant because it was used as testimony in President Trump’s impeachment proceedings. “What’s your reaction?” According to Bartiromo.

Cruz responded, “Look, Donald Trump split the media,” suggesting that Trump’s hate outweighed journalistic credibility. “They dislike Donald Trump so much that they don’t even try to be impartial when debating him. They don’t put on a show of impartiality. They don’t behave as if they’re journalists. They’re partisan propagandists, to put it that way. They’re deceivers.”

“This wasn’t a minor point in the story,” Cruz added, suggesting that the whole plot had been built on and motivated by a lie. “It wasn’t said,” says the narrator. It’s a fabrication. This isn’t the case. It was, however, too tempting to pass up. It was too much a part of the story.”



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