TECHNOLOGICAL PARASITISM: Nano-Technology In The C-19 Shots For Communications!

After the video from La Quinta Columna, everyone realized that the vaccines had nano octopus and other micro-particles; it seemed self-assembling.

One paper shared in the Journal of communications, January 2021, gave an in-depth review of the Wireless Nano=Sensors Network.

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WNSN is interconnecting network microdevices and nano-nodes/sensors. Nano nodes are nanometric size devices and are consist of nano-processor, nano-memory, nano-batteries, nano-transceiver, nano-antenna, and nano-sensors.

“In other words, we’re talking about nanotechnology that recreates the communication technology we already know. But in this case, inside the body. We’re talking about nano-communications.,” said La Quinta Columna’s Ricardo Delgado. The technology is implemented in all vaccines, including Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen shots.

Nano-arrays are centered on the human body, and they need to use nano-antennas, operating in the terahertz band. They are the same type as those found in the C-19 shot samples. Andersen shared an article, and he compared it to the article from researchers at the University of Warwick (2017) and images by. Dr. Campra from C-19 vaccine samples.

“The explicit mention of the type of antenna and the technology of intra-body nano-networks would confirm that vaccines are, among other things, vectors for the installation of nanotechnology, or nanodevices in the human body. However, beyond pure coincidence, the authors make explicit the use of graphene and carbon nanotubes, as necessary elements for this network model.”

La Quinta Columna’s Delgado shared who Andersen was and shared his opinion on Andersen’s article. “We’re going to see a brief overview of what intra-body networks are. Now we’re going to talk about nanotechnology.

Specifically, about what the elite is trying to do. It’s the future or the purpose of this operation, where Elon Musk is an important piece,” he said.

The image that can be found in the video is slide 8 of the presentation. Orwell City website has a pdf document consisting of 24 slides, ‘’Intra-body nano-network Brief summary by Mik Andersen’, and contains very clear diagrams and bullet points.

The last two slides illustrate how the components will function in the body with the outside world. Page 23 shows how these will function at the micro-level, and page 24 shows how they will function on the macro level.

If you need here are more resources.

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