Teacher Breaks A Crucial Message For The Dems: “CRT is Real and It’s Taught in K12 Schools”

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) has flooded America. But, most people can’t tell for sure the difference, the limits, and the crucial of it.

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So, to freshen you up a bit, let me share a few words by Christopher Rufo, a writer, and editor in his co-owned outlet, the City Journal.

In explaining critical race theory, it helps to begin with a brief history of Marxism. Originally, the Marxist Left built its political program on the theory of class conflict. Marx believed that the primary characteristic of industrial societies was the imbalance of power between capitalists and workers. The solution to that imbalance, according to Marx, was revolution: the workers would eventually gain consciousness of their plight, seize the means of production, overthrow the capitalist class, and usher in a new socialist society.

Critical race theory is an academic discipline, formulated in the 1990s, built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism. Relegated for many years to universities and obscure academic journals, over the past decade it has increasingly become the default ideology in our public institutions. It has been injected into government agencies, public school systems, teacher training programs, and corporate human resources departments in the form of diversity training programs, human resources modules, public policy frameworks, and school curricula.

There are a series of euphemisms deployed by its supporters to describe critical race theory, including “equity,” “social justice,” “diversity and inclusion,” and “culturally responsive teaching.” Critical race theorists, masters of language construction, realize that “neo-Marxism” would be a hard sell. Equity, on the other hand, sounds non-threatening and is easily confused with the American principle of equality. But the distinction is vast and important.”

We got in this video, an amazingly smart (and brave) young teacher, Daniel Buck, telling more on the subject, and how it is being taught in schools around the State.

One good thing from the COVID lockdowns is that the parents could actually see what, and how their children are taught, via “Zoom” classes.


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