Take a Look at What’s Going On With The Democrats Now That The Evil HR1 “Voting” Bill Has Been Killed by Republicans…

Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans won a huge win over the Democrats on Tuesday night, defeating the HR1/SR1 vote-rigging bill. This was McConnell at his best, and the Democrats’ comically petulant replies demonstrate the magnitude of the victory.

Here’s a look at three Democrats and their hilarious public outbursts. Take note of the sanctimony, the phony outrage, the Chicken Little warnings, and, most amusing of all, the powerless threats.

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Following the vote, a beaten Schumer stated, “I want to be clear about what just transpired on the Senate floor.” “Today, every single Senate Republican voted against kicking off debate… on legislation to preserve Americans’ voting rights… This vote, I’m embarrassed to report, demonstrates that voting suppression has become part of the Republican Party’s official policy… He added on the Senate floor, “Once again, the Senate Republican minority has attempted a politicized blockade of a serious matter.” He stressed that the vote was just the “starting pistol” and that it would not be the last time a bill allowing Democrats to cheat would be debated. Yes, Chuck, but by the time the next election comes around, the Republicans will have won.

Mark Thompson, a black extremist who is close to Louis Farrakhan, had a hissy fit that could be heard on Jupiter’s moons. Thompson yelled, “This is a relic from the time of enslavement.” “While the majority of people support this legislation, several of these senators represent locations with different populations. This isn’t a democratic country. This is being controlled by a minority, and, at the risk of using a contentious metaphor, I mean. We understand minority rule, and we also understand apartheid, which is an euphemism for minority rule. That was also something we battled against.”

Everything is “apartheid,” according to the new Democrat talking point. We, Munchkinland, and Israel are all apartheid states. By the way, apartheid in South Africa was far more than merely minority rule. But cretins like Mark Thompson, of course, don’t read history.

Then there was the always wacky AOC. “Call me radical, but I don’t believe a small group of Senators should be allowed to prevent millions of people from exercising their right to vote. But I think I’m just a member of the far-left school of thought that says legislation should pass if a majority of politicians support it.”

I’m guessing the attractive airhead bartender has never read Federalist 10 or J.S. Mill and hence is unaware of the concept of majority rule. What a pleasant surprise.

On the other hand, there are fools on our side, who are frequently found on social media. These are drooling knuckleheads who refuse to give McConnell credit for the victory. According to one, the Republican Senate Leader is “still ineffective.” Yes, McConnell serves the Republic admirably, defeats a heinous bill that would have cemented Democrat cheating, and generally keeps the riff raff at bay, and yet he is…useless? Yes, there is rank insanity on both sides. We’re fortunate that the majority of it comes from the Left.


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