Take a Look at What Happened to These Trump Haters on Late-Night TV

It’s fantastic to watch all of the folks who attacked President Trump and done everything they could to get him out of office now fade away into oblivion.

Isn’t that what they all wanted?

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Enjoy it while you can, since your careers are about to crumble.

It’s happening at CNN right now. Even though we’re informed he won the most historic election in US history, no one in America cares about boring Joe Biden, thus their ratings are in the sewer.

But now it’s also affecting the late-night haters…

All of the Trump detractors on late-night television are rapidly losing viewers, and it’s wonderful to see.

According to Breitbart News, far-left late-night talk shows are seeing significant ratings declines, which is likely due in part to President Trump’s departure.

Keep this number in mind when you read the numbers below: 6.3 million people. That was the average number of viewers Johnny Carson had during the 1986-87 television season, despite the fact that there were roughly 100 million fewer people in the country.

Average audience size so far this season…

Steven Colbert’s Late Show 2.9 million people tuned in.
Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show: 1.5 million people tuned in.
Jimmy Kimmel Presents! 1.8 million people

Combined, those three left-wing losers cannot attract as many average nightly viewers as Johnny Carson did in 1986 in a country with 330 million people (as opposed to 240 million in 1986).

Their numbers are also decreasing:

To date, Colbert has averaged 2.915 million total viewers (down 16%) and 425,000 viewers in the key demo (down 20%). Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” has a total audience of 1.533 million viewers (down 21 percent) and a key demo audience of 343,000 viewers (down 28 percent). “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” attracted 1.800 million total viewers (down 9%), with 344,000 viewers in the demo (down 9%).

The loathsome Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show is “averaging 905,000 total viewers (down 11% from last year) nightly” on the sarcastically named Comedy Channel. The crucial demo accounts for 301,000 of those, a decrease of -21 percent from the previous year.”

Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, seems to be garnering less viewers than his predecessor, ratings disaster Jon Stewart.

Even as he prepares to leave the air this week, TheWrap reports that Conan O’Brien’s audience “has averaged just 282,000 total viewers per episode, according to Nielsen, with 132,000 of them coming from the critical adults 18-49 category.” That’s a “29% [down] in total viewers and a 36% [decrease] in the core demo.”



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