Take a Look at How Democrats Are Stealing the 2022 Elections Already

While conservative states work to assure election fairness, Democrats have already begun to steal elections.

Republicans in the state legislature are attempting to clean up the shambles produced by Senate RINOs.

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As states like Georgia pass election regulations to ensure that every vote is genuine and counted, it’s a race against time.

However, the fight is about far more than electoral integrity. It’s all about ensuring that power stays in the hands of the people.

By permitting electoral fraud to go unpunished, turncoats like Mitch McConnell gave up the entire federal government to the Left in 2020.

RINOs despised Trump so much that they were willing to hand over complete authority to the Democrats in order to get rid of him.

It’s been a hundred days since Biden took office, and Democrats are gearing up to ensure that the Republicans never reclaim control again.

Fighters like Ted Cruz, thankfully, are uniting the troops around “Stop the Steal: Federal Government Edition.”

Now we see why Democrats are so adamant on getting rid of the filibuster. If you’ve ever been near a blue-haired liberal, you’ve heard them scream about getting rid of the filibuster.

Liberals try to portray abolishing the filibuster as all about helping people, reducing racism, or curing illness.

If the filibuster is abolished, Liberals will no longer be bound by a two-thirds majority requirement. If this happens, they will be able to pass legislation that takes away the power of elections from states and gives it to the federal government.

Republicans are mounting a full-court attack against the Democratic Party’s comprehensive election and campaign finance reform package in Congress.

Sen. Rick Scott, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, highlighted a new survey commissioned by the committee to target the measure in a message and video issued on Monday.

“The law is ostensibly about electoral reform, but it’s essentially a Democrat power grab. You must also understand that if you fight the Democrat power grab, Democrats will take action against you.


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Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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